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LynB Designs Nail Polish Swatches & Review Part 1


Today I'm sharing swatches of some LynB Designs polishes that I had picked up when her Candy Land Collection launched a little while ago. I had never tried the brand before but my Instagram family told me that their polishes were amazing so I took the plunge and I am so happy that I did because I am head over heels for them! So much so that I already have another 6 polishes to show you after these ones. 😇😍😁

Since these are a new-to-me brand, here is some info and my thoughts before we get into the pictures:
- these polishes are 5-free, vegan, and the bottles are 15 ml (lots of brands don't actually offer 15 ml so it's nice to see that)
- something about their simple holo design and lettering for their branding is so sweet - I just love it
- the bottles are round with an unobstructed view all around with black shiny caps and the names of the polishes at the bottom
- the brushes are flat, not too wide, curved at the edges and lays flat which I really love - makes application a lot easier to see and control
- the formulas are quite nice, easy to work with and I have not experienced any staining with them

Overall I really enjoy the polishes and will definitely continue to watch out for them in the future. 😊

Ok, all of my swatches are 2 coats and no top coat unless otherwise stated, let's get into the pictures!

We will do the non-reflective polishes first so here is Dost Thou Comprehend? a teal base with linear holo and pink to yellow to green shifting shimmer. This one is more on the sheer side but should build up nicely with another coat. But what a beauty! I love the shimmer in this one 😍

Rainbow Quartz is a pale lavender base with pink to yellow to green shifting shimmer and holo flakies. When I first saw this one on the website I was immediately smitten. This is so my wheelhouse with the soft colours and shimmer and holo - it's just so delicate and easy to wear.😍

And the final non-reflective one is Dead Man’s Toe, a deep purple base with pink to green shifting shimmer and holo flakies. Another absolute BEAUTY! 😍

Starting into the reflective polishes, I have 4 to share with you starting with Peppermint Forest. This polish is a purple/red to pink thermal base with silver reflective glitter and rose gold metallic micro flakies. I'm not sure if the thermal was working for me. Usually when I start applying thermal polishes they start to turn quite quickly (especially for the first coat) because my hands are usually warmer than the bottle but I didn't notice any transition in my mani so I had completely forgotten that it was a thermal until right now as I'm writing this. 😅 The polish is still very gorgeous even if I didn't really get the thermal.

Maybe this last shot shows the thermal transition a little bit at my free edge? I'm not sure 😆

Anyway, the next set of pictures are with flash. Not a huge difference between the flash and none flash but when it's darker and you use your phone flash, the reflective really comes out.

Gumdrop Mountains is an intensely shifty base with green to blue to purple shifts, silver reflective glitter, and linear holo. There's something so muted yet playful about this polish. It isn't in your face but definitely sparkles in the light. 💕

These next shots are with flash. It's hard to tell the difference between flash and no flash but it's more apparent in person.

Lollipop Woods is a green based shifting shimmer with pink to yellow to green shift and  silver reflective glitters. This one turned out to be an unexpected surprise. I actually really enjoy this one. The green is a gorgeous soft emerald shade and the shimmer just shines through beautifully 😍 This swatch had a top coat.

And here are the flash shots.

And finally, Candy Castle is a grey based chunky shifting shimmer base with red to pink to orange  shifting shimmer, scattered holo sparkle, and silver reflective glitter. This one is my absolute favourite from this set but honestly, basically all of them were 😇😁😍 This swatch had a top coat.

And there you have it, some gorgeous polishes that I had picked up from LynB Designs 😊 Let me know if you had a favourite!

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