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China Glaze Dippin' Dots Collection Swatches & Review & Live Swatch


Today I have the summer Dippin' Dots Collection by China Glaze* to share with you.

Dip into the frosty fun of shimmering neon pinks, yellows, limes, blues and confetti-poppin' whites, inspired by the flavors of the original beaded ice cream with China Glaze's Dippin' Dots Collection. - China Glaze

I actually quite love the colours in this collection and I think the dots are super cute and fun. 😊 I first tried Dippn' Dots years ago and whenever I come across them now, which sadly isn't very often, I always have to have some. For those who have never had them before, imagine little beads of ice cream that are mixed and matched for cool flavour combos like banana split, chocolate cookie dough, and cotton candy. So yummy! I'm going to have to find one soon! 😁

Anyway, getting back to this collection, all of my swatches are 2 coats and no top coat unless otherwise stated. Let's get into the pictures!

First up, Lemon Ice is a neon yellow shimmer. This formula was tricky to work with. I'm not sure if it was just the bottle I had or if it's like this for everyone, but it was a little goopy, streaky and just not super easy to work with. I do love the colour of course, reminds me of a yellow highlighter, but it took 3 coats for me in this swatch. I find that neons are usually hard to work with though, not just China Glazes'.

Blue Raspberry Ice is a medium blue creme. This polish was a dream to work with and this shade of blue is just perfection. Beautiful coverage and smooth formula - more of what I'm use to when working with China Glaze polishes. 💙

Frosty Lime is a neon lime green shimmer. Similar to Lemon Ice, this formula also gave me a bit of trouble and again, this is 3 coats but the colour is out of this world bright. 😎

Arctic Confetti is a white creme with neon glitter. This one will definitely dry textured so make sure you wear a layer or 2 of top coat to smooth it out. I am not a big fan of milky glitters like this but this one was so fun and playful, it's hard not to love it. Not too much glitter manipulation required but I would use a toothpick to move the glitters around if you want them to be placed in certain areas without having to add too many layers.

Strawberry Chillin’ is a neon pink shimmer. This one surprisingly didn't give me any troubles at all and applied beautifully. The bright pink is just stunning. 💕

And finally, Rainbow Ice is a neon glitter topper. I did some glitter placements over a white polish for this swatch on my ring and pinky fingers and used Fairy Dust by China Glaze on my other 2 fingers. I thought it would look cute together and I think it turned out nicely 😊 This swatch is with top coat.

And here is the live swatch video from my YouTube channel:

Well that's it for today! Let me know if you like how bright all the brights were. I wasn't really sure about the collection when I first got it but as I swatched, I did really appreciate how bright and vibrant the neon shades really were. 😊

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