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OPI Power of Hue Summer 2022 Collection Swatches & Live Swatch

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Summer Blobbicure Skittle


Today I'm sharing with you this fun summer blobbicure skittle. 😁

I used most of the OPI Power of Hues collection for this super easy mani. Use my code MBTracey for 10% off at Beyond Polish {restrictions apply} when purchasing OPI. 😊

This blue with the gorgeous shimmery flakies {Feel Bluetiful} was a total surprise and I love it so very very much! 😍

Some rare shots of my thumb in this post but I wanted to show you all of the colour combos I used.😅

I think it'd be cute if the colours weren't coordinated too.

Blobbicures are super easy and require no tools. After my base coat, I put down 1 coat of each polish colour on each of my nails, then I work one nail at a time. I go over with a second coat of polish and while it's still wet, I take the colour I want to use as the blobs and I take a lot of it off the brush by wiping the excess off, then I use the brush to gently touch the polish to the already wet layer. It's important that the base layer is wet so the blobs have a chance to form and spread out. Use a light touch and don't touch the brush itself to the base colour, just the polish. It will take practice to get the technique down but it's really easy and fun once you get the hang of it. 😊

You could always use a dotting tool to help but it's not really necessary. I find the dotting tool will help get more perfect circles where as the brush will make more ovals and less perfect shapes which I love for this look.

Here is what I used:

Base coat: Yellow Stopper

Thumb: Pink BIG & Sun-Rise Up
Index: Exercise Your Brights & Sugar Crush It
Middle: Mango For It & The Future is You
Ring: Feel Bluetiful & Sky True to Yourself
Pinky: Go to Grape Lengths & Don't Wait. Create

I didn't use these but if you need some dotting tools & nail polish mixing plate to help do this mani, here are the ones I have - Amazon*
Top coat: Seche Vite*

Well that's it for today!

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