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londontown Bohemian Fantasy Collection Swatches & Live Swatch


Today I have the Bohemian Fantasy Collection by londontown* to share with you.

This is a fairly new-to-me brand as I only ever owned 1 other polish (called Best of British - a gold metallic polish) before getting this collection.

Before we get into the pictures, here are some facts and my thoughts on this brand:
- their formulas are 16+ free, vegan and cruelty-free
- each bottle is 12ml
- the shiny black block cap is easy to grip for opening and closing
- the brush is wide, flat, and curved and (for the most part) has really nice bristles that lay nicely for easy application; there was only a hiccup with one of the brushes having an errant bristle
- the cap holds the brush at an angle so it does take some getting use to when applying, but once you get the hang of it, it feels pretty natural
- the forumlas are really smooth and easy to work with with great coverage

Overall I like the polishes - the colours are really saturated and the formula and brushes work really well to make application really easy. 😊

Getting back to the collection, here is what the company had to say:

Bohemian Fantasy is a state of mind where every day is like a Sunday morning full of possibilities: these are the shades that color your life, made to mark every moment or inspire your next adventure. A collection that captures the spirit of weekend adventures and daydreams of wit, whimsy, and romance. 

With that, let's get to the pictures! (Just a note that each swatch is 2 coats and no top coat.)

First up, Under the Stars is a navy creme. I always love a good navy creme 💙

Pressed Petals is a terracotta pink [creme] with muted peach undertones. You can definitely see the peach in this polish and that is a-ok with me! 😁

Daisy Chain is a canary yellow creme. This yellow is all kinds of bright and beautiful! 😮💛

Magpie is a rich, peacock teal creme. It must feel like I say this about every colour but truly, I love teal. It's so calming to look at 😍

And finally, Rose-Tinted Glasses is a true Himalayan pink sea salt creme. Well obviously this would be my favourite (but, it was a close race in this collection 😁)! This creamy lighter pink just makes my heart skip a beat 😍

And here is the live swatch video from my YouTube channel:

And there you have it! This is londontown's latest collection and it definitely impressed me with not only the forumlas but with each gorgeous shade. I am so happy I got a chance to try them and review them for you! 💕

Well that's all for today! Let me know if you have a favourite in the comments below.

As always, thanks so much for taking time out of your busy day to check out my little corner and for all your love and support - I appreciate it so much! 😊 Please feel free to leave me comments/suggestions/feedback below.


* Items purchased through my affiliate links may earn me a commission - Thank you for your support!! 💗
~PR Sample but all opinions are my own~


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