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Lime Crime Holographic Stickers


Today I'm sharing with you some pictures of me messing around with the newest Lime Crime* holographic stickers. These are actually sold as face and eye stickers but I used them in this nail art look. The stickers are pretty easy to use, they were pretty flexible and stuck on well. The holo is very apparent and definitely was fun to play around with. 😊

Here is what Lime Crime* had to say about these stickers:

Get lit, go off, and illuminate the night with our Holographic Face & Eye Stickers! Supercharged with euphoric color—these no mess, no stress self-adhesive embellishments come in a pack of 44 shapes and 3 liner sets. It’s Lime Crime’s new makeup headliner, designed to stick on until the break of dawn!


The lightshow of your makeup. These versatile stickers in holographic eyeliner and super fun shapes shake up your eye looks. Illuminate your eyes to dance brighter than a disco ball
Pack includes 3 eyeliner sets and 44 exciting designs like electric bolts, diamonds, stars, and more.

Picture from Lime Crime Website


You’ll be the headliner with our bright holographic stickers! Use on your lash line, above the crease, under the brow, as freckles, or to pump up a bold eye look with little accents. We’re here to inspire but we can’t wait to see what you create – you can't go wrong!

Picture from Lime Crime Website

Color shifting holographic finish looks bomb in daylight, euphoric at night (iconic for parties, raves, and concerts), not to mention we’re obsessed with how the colors dance in flash photography
No mess, no stress! These stickers are self-adhesive making application and removal easy-peasy.
No uneven eyeliner here; simply peel off and reapply. No skills needed.
100% Vegan and Cruelty-free

As usual, most of the stickers look pretty big on me because of my small hands/nails but I assure you, these stickers will look amazing on your face/eyes and if you have normal sized hands/nails 😅

I did another look with the stickers actually on my nails fully but I thought it was fun to test their stickiness and show off some of the holos by sticking them on randomly around my hands and nails.

I especially love the big heart on the side of my thumb 😁

These stickers were launched earlier this month and seeing some of the face/eye looks like that are out there now, I can definitely see these being super cute, easy and a fun way to dress up your look. 😊

Well that's all for today!

As always, thanks so much for taking time out of your busy day to check out my little corner and for all your love and support - I appreciate it so much! 😊 Please feel free to leave me comments/suggestions/feedback below.


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