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KB Shimmer The Lounge Set Swatches & Live Swatch


Today I have a really long post with LOTS of pictures to share with you. 😁 It's the 9 piece Lounge Set collection by KB Shimmer that will be available on March 15th at Harlow & Co.

Here is what KB Shimmer had to say about the collection:

 Lounging around is something many look forward to after a long workweek.  On a day off, alarms are forgotten to allow sleeping in, waking just in time for a laugh filled brunch with friends. Soft socks, a good book, and snuggles with pets are as appealing, if not more, than a night on the town.  A warm drawn bath beckons, where a flickering candle, face mask, and healing crystals help center our minds and allow us time to recharge.  Taking time to enjoy the freedom of lounging around has inspired this 9-piece reflective collection.  Launching March 15th, allow these sparkling shades to inspire you to take time for your personal version of lounging and self-care.

I personally LOVE reflective polishes so I was super super excited to learn that this entire collection was in this finish and couldn't wait to get my hands on it! I'll have to get some backups once March 15th rolls around - make sure to mark your calendars to grab these beauties! 😊

All of my swatches are 2 coats and no top coat. I ordered the pictures for each polish to show you the no flash version and then the flash version so just keep that in mind as you're scrolling along. 😊

Let's get into the pictures!

First up, Self-Reflection nail polish is a sunny metallic shade loaded with silver glitters that reflect the light.  A bold shimmer shines with hues of gold, copper, and lime.  In lower lights, a fiery red leaning orange glimmers among gold, while bright light brings out the sliver color that sets off the deeper red tones.  

We live in a time where noise is all around us, schedules are full, things never seem to slow down.  It can be hard to get away, so when we can, the silence can be a reprieve that we need to recharge. Our minds can slow down and reflect upon our actions and the days past. Whether it be while meditating, enjoy the sunny outdoors, or take a warm bath.  Taking time for self-reflection can be the ideal way to set yourself up for a good week to come.

Left - Flash, Right - No Flash

I thought this one was really pretty. It's not really in-your-face but still very beautiful when the light hits it. And it looks like 2 completely different polishes with and without flash! 💖

Of Quartz is a soft rose-colored reflective nail polish shade accented by a shifty shimmer.  In low light the soft rose color takes on a near lavender hue with gold shimmer that shifts to near lime hues and hints of aqua.  In brighter light, near red and copper shimmer accents the blush hue of this sparkling lacquer. 

Crystals are beautiful; angles of translucent stone reflecting light, for a subtle twinkle that can beautify a room and calm the mind.  Be it a bold amethyst, sunny citrine, or a soft rose quartz, each stone can help set the mood for a bit of pampering.

Left - Flash, Right - No Flash

Oh please, as if this wouldn't be one of my favourite ones 😅 This pink is absolutely drop dead GORGEOUS. 💕

A bold magenta shade, There’s A Nap For That nail polish is loaded with a fiery shimmer that shifts from a vibrant red to a burning orange to soft gold.  In brighter light, the twinkling reflective glitters amplify the color, showing off a crimson shimmer.

We spend our early years fighting them, only to wish for more naps when we get older.  Be it a cat nap on the couch or dozing in bed, naps are one of the best ways to recharge, even if they are without animal crackers and a juice box.

Left - Flash, Right - No Flash

And THIS one! I love it tooooo! 😀

Mask Me Again nail polish is an avocado green reflect shade packed with color shifting shimmer.  A soft pink shimmer subtly shifts to hues of gold and lime against the muted green. Bold lighting brings out a fuchsia shimmer and lime tones, for a spring fresh shade ideal for a spa day at home.

Mud, peel off, or moisturizing, taking the time to apply a face mask seems like a decadent indulgence.  Green from fresh avocados or French clay, taking 15 minutes can leave your skin glowing and your body feeling pampered.  And peeling off a mask in one big sheet? Very satisfying, and one that has people masking again and again. 

Left - Flash, Right - No Flash

The pink shimmer is so intense in this one in the light. Love!

I Knead You Now nail polish is a mint shade that gleams with reflective glitters, setting off a striking color shifting shimmer.  In low light, shimmery tones of emerald quickly morph to violet, fuchsia and sky blue.  Bright light allows a bright emerald shimmer to set off the silvery mint base. 

A foot rub from a partner or a massage with hot stones at a spa, there is something magical about letting yourself relax while the tension from the day is kneaded away.  After knots are gone, slipping on a robe, soft socks or pjs can help the real-world seep in a bit slower. Sometimes a spa day is all you ‘knead’ to feel like yourself again.

Left - Flash, Right - No Flash

This shade is so pretty! I could wear this one on the regular 😎

Lounging Around is an electric, aqua leaning blue nail polish featuring twinkling reflective glitter. Color-shifting shimmer shows off blue, indigo and purple sparkle in lower light as viewing angles change, while brighter light pulls our emerald and turquoise hues to the shimmer.  Best in 2 coats, this shade will bring joy to your manicure.

As staying home came into vogue, so did casual clothing. For some, loungewear became the stable in their wardrobe, fast replacing dress shirts and pants. Sweatpants and leggings, lounge sets and pullovers; casual clothing offers comfort for those days where staying home and lounging around is the plan.

Left - Flash, Right - No Flash

Look at this bluey-green beauty! Time to go swimming! But not, because I can't swim. 😂 But the saturation of this one just begs to be the centre of attention 100% of the time. 💙

Novel Idea nail polish is a deep grape shade that shows off color-shifting shimmer that boasts a rainbow of hues.  Swimming among reflective glitters, a soft rose hue gives way to gold, and as angles change green and aqua.  Bright light brings out peach and aqua hues, while the flashy sliver glitter twinkles against the purple base.

The best books have you quickly lost in the story.  Pages fly by as characters become best friends, and the setting grows as familiar as your hometown.  All the sudden it is 1 am, and you are telling yourself just one more chapter.  When the story ends, a good novel will have you feeling a little lost, like you don’t know what to do now that the chapter is closed.  

Left - Flash, Right - No Flash

Oh. My. Goodness. Look at this one! It's so stunning! 😍

Love You Brunches nail polish starts with a deep violet base amplified by silver reflective glitters.  A bold shimmer shows off shades of copper and vibrant magenta, while other angles and lighting show traces of tarnished gold and bronze.  This purple polish will set off your fresh squeezed juice and flaky croissant, for a shade made for brunch dates.

Most days a quick bite and a cup of coffee are breakfast.  So come the weekend, it is a treat to slow down and take time for a relaxed brunch.  Stacks of pancakes, crisp bacon, maybe a bit of bubbly to add to juice; brunch always seems more decadent than breakfast, especially when enjoyed with friends.  

Left - Flash, Right - No Flash

This collection is full of beautiful purple based polishes and this one is just as beautiful! 💜

And finally, Drawn To You is a muted, grey leaning periwinkle.  Reflective glitters set off a fiery, copper shimmer that shifts into tones of lemon and lime.  In bright light, the shimmer shows off a bold red tone against a slate blue leaning base while sliver glitters twinkle and shine.

After a long day, the warm water of a drawn bath calls. Aches from the day fade away as fragrant scents and flickering candles relax and recharge your mind. A good book and even better beverage can take you away from the worries of the day, allowing the warm waters to take you away.

Left - Flash, Right - No Flash

 Ok, everything was gorgeous and this one is also gorgeous! I just don't have any more words! My grade 6 English teacher is NOT pleased at the moment, I can absolutely tell. 😂 But I love this one a lot too! Periwinkle AND pink?! This just speaks to my heart. 💗💜

Whoa... we did it, we got through all the pictures. Did it feel like a lot? 😁 Honestly I had more but these are the ones I limited to. 😅

I don't know if you can tell but I love the whole collection. Each polish is beautifully done and looks amazing in all lighting situations.

Oh, one more picture?! I forgot I wanted to share this one too. Some of you might have seen this already on my socials but I wanted to share it again here so it's easily findable and because I ended up loving it more than I thought I would. 😁 I took this one just testing out some of the polishes in the sun and had no colour story or anything in mind for the mani. I had no intention of actually posting it but it came out so cool that I had to. 😊

And here is the live swatch video from my YouTube:

Well that's all for today! This collection will be available at Harlow & Co on March 15th! 💕

As always, thanks so much for taking time out of your busy day to check out my little corner 😊 Feel free to leave me comments/suggestions/feedback below.


~PR Sample but all opinions are my own~


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