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Floral Water Decal & Reflective Nail Polish Nail Art


Today I have this cute floral mani to share with you. Since I can't free hand or stamp to save my life, I've turned to a life of water decals and oh man was I ever glad to be turned on to these!

I always thought they would be a huge pain in the butt to do but it turns out that they are SUPER easy and look gorgeous! 

I just use an old water bottle cap and some tweezers to do this process. Fill your water bottle cap with some water, doesn't have to be a lot, just enough so that you can dunk a cut water decal into for a few seconds using your tweezers and once the design can be moved off the backing, you can place it onto you nail and then top coat it once the decal is dry (should only be a minute or so). 

Since I started using this method I've been absolutely hooked so you'll be seeing lots and lots of water decal nail arts to come. 😊

I do love nail art stickers too but they really don't blend into the background the way a water decal does so water decals are definitely better in my humble opinion. 😊

I love the base on this polish - I'm such a sucker for shimmers at the moment and reflectives of course!😍 

You can see in my pictures that when I have the flash on, the reflective glitters look like they are jumping off my nails giving it this cool 3D effect. Love it!!

Here is what I used:

Base coat: Yellow Stopper
Bow Polish - Reflections
Water decals  - Amazon*
Top coat -  Seche Vite*

I actually did a shorts video with this mani on my YouTube channel to show off the reflective properties of this polish. 😊

Well that's it for today! Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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