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Cirque Colors - Illusion Collection Swatches


Today I have the Illusions Collection from Cirque Colors to share with you. These are available now at  Harlow & Co

Here is what Cirque Colors had to say about the collection:

A sister to the Aura Collection, our new Illusion Collection is more than a trick of the eye. Each vivid, sparkling shade encapsulates a fantasy of color and shifts your senses. Create velvet aura, cat eye, black hole, and liquid crystal magnetic effects or get creative and make your own dimensional look.

When I first saw the collection get released I was super excited because I am such a huge fan of magnetic finishes and these multichrome ones were just what the doctor ordered! I can't tell how you much I ended up loving each and every one of these. 😍 And with the painting-your-nail-on-top-of-the-magnet (I used the Cirque Colors magnet for these swatches btw) technique, I'm thrilled to say that it isn't such a pain to get the cat eye effect anymore. No more accidentally moving the magnet while holding it over the nail and no more dinging the nail polish while doing it - win! 😁

All of my swatches are 3 coats and no top coat, and items in italics is directly from the Cirque Colors website - let's get into the pictures! Um, there is an obscene amount of pictures so... you've been warned! 😊

First up, Paradox is a dark purple jelly nail polish with mesmerizing magnetic multichrome pigment that shifts between egyptian blue, vibrant fuchsia and tantalizing boysenberry red. Who said editorial glamour can’t be a vivid, spectrum-manifesting black cherry and forest blueberry cocktail?

This one was such a surprise for me! So much more beautiful than I thought it would be - that fuchsia just GETS me! 😭 (happy tears only!)

Eye of the Beholder is a dark chocolate brown jelly nail polish with mesmerizing magnetic multichrome pigment that shifts between papaya kiss red and burnt alloy orange. This polish embodies the look of diffusing embers on burnt firewood on a dark night, and the feeling of being caped in a cozy blanket by that very same bonfire.

This one reminds me of those cat eye stones in jewelry - mesmerizing! 

Mood Ring is a deep teal blue jelly nail polish with mesmerizing magnetic multichrome pigment that shifts between sparkling emerald green, calypso turquoise, and shy touch of brushed treasure gold. Intense and brilliant, this polish evokes peacock feathers, mermaid scales, and clusters of seaweed swaying in the ocean.

I love that bright blue so much! 😍

Kinetic is a burgundy red jelly nail polish with mesmerizing magnetic multichrome pigments that shifts between rosebud pink and watermelon coral. A soothing shade made for romantic dreamers, velvet lovers, and dried flower collectors, this magnetic nail polish is sure to capture your heart.

The pink in this one is so soft and beautiful! Love.

Dream Within a Dream is an indigo blue jelly nail polish with mesmerizing magnetic multichrome pigment that shifts between magenta pink, amber gold and pear green. An oil slick chameleon, this vivid shade glows, shifts, and shimmers at every angle. If this shadowy stunner was a fabric we’d be draping the windows. After this polish, you’ll be seeking eternal return with each mani. 

From the pictures I really thought that I would be able to coax more of the colours out but for whatever reason I couldn't get the gold to make an appearance in my swatches but I did see it in normal lighting so you know it's there! Still a beauty though! 😍

And finally, my favourite from this collection if I can really even pick a favourite is Mobius.

Mobius is a forest green jelly nail polish with mesmerizing magnetic multichrome pigment that shifts between teal bondi blue, iris purple and fuchsia bubblegum pink. Nothing subtle about it, you will need to clear your schedule before trying Mobius. It’s multi-dimensional shimmer as distracting as it is vibrant. 

Um, woooowww. I LOVE all of the colour shifts in this one! 😍

And one more collage because I love it so much 😁

I will be working on getting the live swatch video up in the near future but let me know what your thoughts are on this collection in the comments below.

Make sure to check out this collection at Harlow & Co!

As always, thanks so much for taking time out of your busy day to check out my little corner 😊 Feel free to leave me comments/suggestions/feedback below.


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