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OPI Power of Hue Summer 2022 Collection Swatches & Live Swatch

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Bow Polish - Random Reflective & Magnetic Swatches & Live Swatch


Today I'm sharing with you some random polishes that I picked up from Bow Polish. I am trying to grow my reflective polish collection and I must say, it is going well! 😁

I have 4 reflective and 3 other polishes to share with you in this post. I think they are all beautiful and some of them were definitely a gorgeous surprise.

All swatches are 2 coats and only the reflective polishes had top coat, the other 3 did not.

Let's get to the pictures! The many, many pictures. I went a little overboard... 😅

First up is Catch Your Breath, a magnetic holographic effect nail polish. The dark blue base of the polish is complemented by multi-chrome mica and a brand new magnetic holographic pigment.

I wasn't sure if this one would turn out as nicely as I had pictured but it definitely did. A nice surprise with the flakies and the holo.

Feel Real is a red holograhic magnetic polish. The intense linear holographic flare makes the dark jelly base much lighter: sunlight turns the polish into a real purple rainbow with a distinct red magnetic stripe.

The red magnetic line is so intense and bright - love it! 😍

Fortune Teller is a multichrome metallic polish that changes its color from blue to purple and sometimes even raspberry pink, and the magnetic shimmer shifts from pink to golden green.

There are so many colours in this one - from pinks to blues. The next shot is my favourite!😍

Piece of Me is a medium pinky brown jelly nail polish with reflective glitters.

The following pictures are without flash.

The next set of pictures are with flash.

Drifting is a pink jelly nail polish with reflective glitters. 

This one is such a soft and pretty prink. 💕

These next shots are with flash.

Blinder is a silver jelly nail polish with reflective glitters.

These shots are without flash.

These next shots are with flash.

And finally, No Rest is a neon pink reflective nail polish with juicy watermelony-pink jelly base.

This one is sooo pretty. I definitely need to get a backup (or 2 😅). When I read that it was neon, I was a little sketpical, but it turned out to be this bright gorgeous pink that I so love! 😍

These first set of pictures are without flash.

These next sets of pictures are with flash.

Here is my live swatch video from my YouTube channel 😊

Well that’s all for today!

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