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Lollipolish Turn on the Lights Collection Swatches & Review & Live Swatch


Today I have to share with you the Turn on the Lights Collection from Lollipolish. I bought this collection as part of their black friday sale and boy am I happy I did! Not only are the colours rich and vibrant but all 4 polishes in this collection are reflective which is my newest obsession. 😍

The polishes are 5 free, vegan & cruelty-free, 10 ml cube glass bottles, and have black shiny caps that holds a flat straight edge brush that isn't too wide. I like that the brush isn't too wide because I have thinner nails so it works really well for me. 😁

I can't really speak on their formula because these were all micro glitter polishes but they don't feel super clumpy to work with like other textured polishes. But the reflective particles are soo nice! In regular lighting, the finish catches the light for a beautiful shine, and in LED/sunlight/flashlight - the particles come to life as a reflective polish only could. I am mesmerized constantly when I have these reflective polishes on. I am actually wearing the gold one right now and I am in LOOOVVEEE. 💕

This is what Lollipolish says about their reflective polishes: Reflective polish shows normal effect in natural light. When exposed to direct flashing light or sunlight, it flares up with bright lights, creating a stunning effect like diamond nails!

Diamonds? Yes please! 😁

All my swatches are 2 coats with 1 layer of top coat, anything in italics is directly from their website, and I truly did not do these polishes justice because I'm using my DSLR and I don't think I placed the camera at the right distance to capture the insane beauty but just trust me when I say that they are allll gorgeous! Also, I usually post random videos of polishes I'm wearing on my Instagram/YouTube/TikTok so you can follow me on any of those if you want to see some reflective polish videos. 😊

Ok, let's get to the pictures! 

First up is "Green Light"... a festive vibrant emerald green jelly nail polish with reflective glitters.

These next 2 pictures are without flash. This green is so fresh! I love it 😍

And these next 2 shots are with flash. I think I need to move the camera farther away to capture the reflective particles better but you can definitely see the particles almost jumping off my nails. Just gorgeous! 💚

"Frozen", a color changing and reflective nail polish inspired by snowflake ... it's light blue when warm and dark blue when cold.

I must have been in a daze when I swatched this one because I completely forgot to get shots of the variations but you can see it on my tips the darker blue (and in the bottle) vs my nail bed which is the lighter blue. The polish is really reactive so it was going warm as I was just painting my nails. I love a reactive one though 😁

These next 2 pictures are without flash.

And these next 2 shots are with flash.

"Empire" is a festive golden jelly nail polish with reflective glitters.

This one is one of my favourites from this little collection - I'm wearing it right now! There is a metallic-like finish to this one that makes it beautiful in all lighting situations. So much love for Empire!! 😍

These next 2 pictures are without flash.

And these next 2 shots are with flash.

And finally, "Lady In Red" is a festive true red jelly nail polish with reflective glitters.

This one has red glitters that is just stunning! My other favourite from the collection 😁

These next 2 pictures are without flash.

An extra macro shot because the glitters are soooo nice! 😍

And these next 2 shots are with flash.

And here is my live swatch video from my YouTube channel:

Well that's all for today!

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