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Essie 2020 Love at Frost Sight Winter Collection Swatches & Live Swatch


Today I have Essie's 2020 Love at Frost Sight Winter Collection to share with you. I have been waiting for the 2021 collection to come to Canada but figured this shimmery collection also deserved a little bit of attention so I purchased this from Beyond Polish* to share with you - yay! 😁

I wasn't sure how much I'd actually like the polishes but oh my, are they ever nice! The shimmers are so pretty!! I swear I could wear all of these polishes the rest of the winter season and I'd be one happy clam! 😁 There's like a metallic quality too which just makes these pop so gorgeously! 😍

The only sad thing for me is that the red polish stained my nails as some pigmented red do.😣 But the red is so GORGEOUS that I've decided that I WILL wear it! ... But with 2 coats of basecoat. 😊 When polishes are this beautiful, you make it happen!

Ok, let's get into the pictures! Each swatch is 2 coats and no top coat.

First up is Sugarplum Fairytale, a light lilac with a golden shimmer. This one and Bonbon Nuit is so very similar that I had to keep looking at my pictures to make sure I named them properly 😆 In real life, it's a lot easier to tell the difference. In low lighting, you just see the shimmer, and that is definitely ok with me, even though I absolutely adore this soft purple shade.

Peppermint Condition is a light green with a golden shimmer. This mint green is so soft and sweet and bright! I am loving these pastel shimmers that are perfect for the wintery season. 😍

Love At Frost Sight is a light periwinkle with a golden shimmer. I looovvve this one! The light blue with the shimmer and the magic - it's so beautiful! 😭😍

Twinkle In Time is white polish with a golden shimmer. This is another one that is so so pretty! It's white but it's kind of sheer and just 😘😘 Definitely will be a go-to for that gorgeous white shimmer!

Bonbon Nuit is a light pink with a golden shimmer. So going back now and looking at both pictures, with the bottle shots you can really tell that they are different but with the macro shots, it's almost impossible to tell. 😅

Ok but even still, both are drop dead gorgeous.

Light pink and shimmery?! Yes PLEASE!!😍 

And finally, In A Gingersnap is a festive red with a golden shimmer. This is the one that caused staining but make sure to use a good basecoat, or even 2 coats of basecoat to protect your nails and wear on! 😁 Seriously, this is my favourite from the collection even though they were all so beautiful! 💓

The flecks are so apparent in this one. Love. It. So. Much! 👏

I know this is an older collection but it is classic and beautiful and I'm so happy I have it in my collection! I have some nail art that I've done with these polishes already which will be posted soon but I'm wearing Sugarplum Fairytale right now and keep getting awesomely distracted. 😄

Here is my YouTube live swatch video:

That's it for today! Let me know if you have any of these polishes and what your thoughts are on this collection.

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