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OPI Power of Hue Summer 2022 Collection Swatches & Live Swatch

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Bow Polish Fall 2021 Collection Swatches & Review & Live Swatch Video


Today I have the Bow Polish Fall 2021 Collection to share with you. This collection is made up of 8 beautiful polishes, most are reflective which is the whole reason why I bought the collection in the first place. Also it had 2 super pretty thermals that I just had to have. 😁

I purchased this collection from Lollipolish when they had their black Friday sale and it was absolutely worth it for me. I am totally into the reflective polishes at the moment and this one had 5 of them! 👏

The packaging was cute but it wasn't shipped in a box, just a bubble envelope so I am very surprised that none of the boxes were damaged. It also came from Hong Kong so it took a while to get here to me in Canada, approx. 4 weeks. 

A little bit about the polishes:

- 11 ml, big 5 free, vegan & cruelty-free
- caps come off easily to reveal a smaller brush cap
- brush is flat but not too wide with a straight edge
- bristles were nice and easy to work with
- their caps come with an easy to read label with the type of polish (flash, thermo) and the name so it's easy to store and find the right bottle without having to look for the names
- bottles are small and squared and only have their logo on it so you can see the nail polish really clearly on almost all sides
- I love their small/easy to hold bottles

Ok, let's get into the (many, many) pictures! All swatches are 2 coats with top coat unless otherwise stated.

First up is Chasing the High, a champagne flash reflective polish with beige sequins and holographic sparkle running though out. 

I'm actually wearing this polish right now and I am in love with it! All of the reflective polishes dry textured so make sure to use 1-2 coats of top coat to smooth it out. The holo in this one was very apparent and worked really well together with the reflective particles to create a stunningly gorgeous polish. 😍 In low lighting with flash, the reflective particles show up as orange. Very surprising to say the least!

Definitely going to be a go-to for all of my sparkly needs! (Which by the way is all the time - more sparkles please!)

These next 3 shots are without flash.

These next 3 shots are with flash.

Here is a shorts video from my YouTube channel of this beauty in the sun:

"Alterlife" is a reflective + thermal double effect nail polish. The color changes based on the temperature of your nail. It's white with red glitters when warm and pinky-red when cold, with red and silver glitters.

I wore this one over a weekend and I love how reactive the thermal was. It went from red to white and vice versa so easily! My hands were warm most of the time so the red glitters were very apparent and super pretty. Also, my tips would remain colder longer so I'd have this sort of natural red french tip that looked so good. 😁

I love this red shade though - such a vibrant and gorgeous red! 💓

These shots are the transition without flash. I didn't take any shots of just the red without flash but it's very similar to the flash shots.

With flash the reflective particles glowed silver/white.

"Reflections" is a silver jelly lacquer with intense reflective particles, and pink-violet shimmer.

There are so many beautiful polishes in this collection and this is definitely one of them. The shimmer is the star here. 😁

Without flash shows off the shimmer so gorgeously!

With flash the reflective particles glowed silver/white.

Here is a shorts video of Reflections from my YouTube channel in the dark with flash.

"Envy" is a chameleon polish. The color shifts from teal turquoise to intense blue-violet, with a hue of red and gold from different angles.

The shift isn't as apparent but I do like the intense blue. This is 3 coats and no top coat.

"Miles Away" is a reddish copper glitter base, with reflective particles and greenish shimmer. 

This one is another beauty and wears so easily for whenever you want just a little bit of pizzazz 😁

Without flash.

With flash the reflective particles glowed red/orange.

"Silent Planet" is a thermal and linear holographic polish. Thermal polishes change color according to outside temperature and your hand temperature automatically. Color: When cold, it's soft pink shade with linear holographic sparkles, supplemented with multi-colored mica. When warm, it shows white color with beige & golden hue.

I didn't get to the white colour but I definitely got the super light pink and that was perfect for me 😍

I kind of love this one 😍

"Paradigm" is a medium warm brown nail polish with bright linear holography. 

Love the strong linear holo in this one - the bottls really show off the rainbow of colours so well.

"Timebomb" is a silver lacquer with intense reflective particles and multi-colored holographic sparkles.

This one is SO gorgeous! 😍

Without flash the holographic glitters are so apparent and steal the show ✨

With flash the reflective particles glowed silver/white.

Whew! That was a lot of words and photos! I must admit, this post took me the longest to do so far. Not only because it was 8 polishes, but also because each polish had something unique or different that required a slightly different lighting situation. I did enjoy trying to capture everything though so hopefully you like the pictures. 😁

As promised, here is the live swatch video from my YouTube channel.

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