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OPI Power of Hue Summer 2022 Collection Swatches & Live Swatch

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Static Nails - Winter Polishes Swatches, a 1-Coat Black Polish & Live Swatch


Today I have some more Static Nails Liquid Glass Lacquers to share with you! 😁 Make sure to use my code MBTracey for 10% off your purchases - restrictions apply.

This time I have some winter appropriate shades, a true white, a 1-coater black (!😍!) , a metallic, and 2 toppers to share with you. I cannot say enough good things about this nail polish, they are just one of the best formulas I've ever come across! 

All of my swatches are 2 coats and no top coat unless otherwise stated. Let's get to the pictures!

First up is Fig, an espresso creme. Shown here in 2 coats but definitely a 1-coater if applied appropriately.

Rose Gold Edit is a rose gold metallic. I LOVE this shade so much! It's so soft and delicate and shiny and gorgeous and more and's that I can't think of right now but just - so gorge!! 😍

Like all metallics, it can be a bit tricky to apply but be gentle with the final coat of polish and try to keep it to 3 strokes if you can to minimize streaks. One tip I've heard that might be able to help is to sponge on a very thin last layer and it'll remove the streaks before applying your top coat. I've never tried it myself but I've heard this works really well. Shown here in 1 coat. 

Wicked is a blackened green creme. Ooo, I can't get over any of the blackened polishes at the moment - love them! ❤

Crushed Diamonds is a silver micro glitter. Shown here in 3 coats but you could also sponge it on as well in less coats.

This one dries down textured so make to use a layer or 2 of top coat to smooth it out. I would also recommend using a peel off base coat so you have an easier time with removal. If you don't have a peel off base coat, then you can use some cotton balls soaked in acetone and tinfoil to hold the cotton ball in place against your nail for 10-15 mins to help with removal of the glitters.

Dark Room is a black creme. Shown here in 1 coat. Yes, that's what I said, 1. Coat. 1. 
I am at a loss for words at how beautiful and flawless this 1-coater is. The formula was so easy and smooth and dare I say, glassy. I don't know if I've ever encountered such a smooth and easy black 1-coater before. DEFINITELY recommend. RECOMMEND. 😁

Elixir is a true white creme. The formula is a bit thicker than Dark Room, but could definitely be a 1-coater if applied appropriately. There's something about a gorgeous white mani that makes me feel so expensive - must be the Ariana Grande nails effect 😄 (She's been known to wear all-white manis that make me immediately want to have my OWN all-white mani on)

Mini Major Holo is a micro holo topper which I have shown on my ring and middle finger in the next 3 pictures over a coat of Dark Room. This was 1 coat and the payoff was really good. And the sparkle! SO SPARKLY!! ✨😍

This was without a top coat too so if there had been a top coat, it'd have been even sparklier! Who doesn't want to sparkle like crazy? 😁

In the next shot, I have 1 coat of Mini Major Holo on my pinky and index fingers over 2 coats of Elixir.

And finally, Pop. Fizz. Clink is a gold flakie topper that I have shown with 1 coat dabbed and a few strategically placed flakie. I used the nail polish brush to brush off most of the polish until I had just a few flakies at the end of my brush and then dabbed those into the sparse spaces that needed it.

I wanted to see what the mani/flakies/holos would look like over the white and black bases which is why this is just more of the above pictures in different poses and the toppers on opposite nails - but at least the macros will give you an idea of what each polish will look like 😁

Personally I think both toppers look really nice over the black, it pops much more in photos. But in real life, I love them equally as I do love a fresh white mani with some bling!

And here is the live swatch video from my YouTube channel:

I'm so ready for the holidays now!! I know I've said that already in my previous posts but I honestly LOVE the holidays and sparkly manis just give me the holiday vibes so much!! 😊

These should all be available at Static Nails (unless they've sold out due to the crazy sales that's been going on - then I apologize in advance!)

As always, thanks so much for taking time out of your busy day to check out my little corner 😊 Feel free to leave me comments/suggestions/feedback below.


~PR Sample but all opinions are my own~


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