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KB Shimmer - In Good Spirits Collection Swatches & Live Swatch


Today I have to share with you the In Good Spirits Collection by KB Shimmer! I received these from Katie at Harlow & Co to share with you so make sure you check the website on Nov 19th to purchase this beautiful collection!

 In true KB Shimmer fashion, this collection is full of unique and fun polishes with something for everyone! The colours are beautiful and the finishes are to die for! I've been eyeing the reflective polishes and I'm so happy this collection came with not 1 but 3! Including one with an intense shimmer that has me loving it so much that I'm wearing it right now! 😊

Here is what KB Shimmer had to say about the collection:

Spirits soar as the snowflakes fly, and we count down the days until our next celebration with family and friends. Excitement builds as we adorn thoughtful gifts with colourful wrapping paper and bake yummy cookies to be exchanged. We all know that crackers and cheese taste so much better from a carefully arranged party platter, paired with a favourite wine or hard cider, and surrounded by friends. Let the KBShimmer In Good Spirits collection bring you cheer this season with 12 all-new shades, including three with a new reflective finish.

With the snowing falling around me today, I am so ready to get into the holiday spirit and this collection was the perfect compliment for my sparkly holiday manis! Trust me, you are going to want more than 1! I know I have many favourites and have some in mind for holiday gift giving already! 😍

Ok, let's get into the (many, many, MANY) pictures! There are lots of pictures ahead - you've been amply warned! 😁 All items in italics are directly quoted from the press release.

First up is Fizz The Season, a champagne-inspired holographic nail polish. A light, pearl-coloured base is accented by strong flashes of gold and copper shimmer. In the light, the holographic pigment pops, bringing that classic linear rainbow look to this festive polish, while in the shade, tones of gray and champagne stand out.

The shimmer is pretty subtle in the pictures but quite beautiful in real life and in regular lighting. I think I captured some of the champagne tones - I tried I swear! 😅 Shown here in 2 coats and no top coat.

In Good Spirits is a nod to good times with good company. An iridescent shade with magical colour-shifting possibilities, this polish can be worn on its own or layered over other colours.

So I did the swatch with just In Good Spirits on its own and then read the description after (didn't make that same mistake again 😆) and realized I should have done it over a light and dark base as well so here are my swatches with my pinky and index with no base polish, the ring finger with a neutral/soft shade and the middle with a dark base. 

You can really see how the base changes the effect of the polish. I really do love the pinks of it just being on its own but the bright blurple over the darker shade is kind of breathtaking. 😍

All That Glimmers is a soft, rose gold nail polish loaded with micro reflective pigment. This warm pink hue offers a near matte finish with a subtle texture when worn without topcoat. When a flash of light hits your nails, the silver pigment reflects an unbelievable glimmering twinkle. 

This one was an instant favourite when it first came out of the packaging and it still is my favourite in the whole collection although there are a lot of really close seconds. 😁

The first 2 shots are just my regular studio lights. Super pretty and shimmery just on its own with no flash. Shown here in 2 coats and a top coat. I believe all reflective polishes dry textured so make sure you use a good top coat with 1-2 layers to smooth it out and give it a gorgeous shine. Without a top coat it won't be as shimmery and very textured and a little matte. The texture feels like find sand on your nails, just in case people wondered what it felt like.

The rest of these shots are with flash and it will do the same thing in direct sunlight or under LED lighting. 😍

You can see the reflective particles doing work inside the bottle 💓

What's Poppin’ is a bright magenta pink nail polish loaded with glowy holo flakes. A colour-shifting shimmer accents this bold shade with a vibrant green hue that flips into aqua and purple. In lower lighting, golds and purples steal the show.

This pink won a lot of hearts around here 😄 Beautiful in 2 coats! No top coat for this swatch.

Public Displays Of Confection is a nod to sweet holiday traditions. Rusty red in colour, this shifty polish quickly shows off golden bronze hues that morph into warm peach. Scattered holo flakes shine in the sun, while gold, lime, and chartreuse green colours show off in the shade at different viewing angles. 

I love a good multichrome and this one definitely delivers with it's gorgeous scattering of holo flakes. I couldn't really capture the blues but I definitely got the yellows and bright greens! What a fun polish! Shown here in 3 coats and no top coat.

Take a Bough is a vibrant jade green nail polish. The bold green hue is accented by a gold-lime-green colour-shifting shimmer that envelopes glowing holo flakes. In the shade, hints of darker green and teal can be seen at some angles, while a shy pop of bronze warms the green.

I love a good bright and vibrant green and this one is a winner with its beautiful holo finish. 💚 You can definitely see the different shades of green in my swatches. Shown here in 2 coats and no top coat.

Wrap It Up nail polish is a nod to those who love adding a bit of flair to their gift-giving. A deep indigo base sets off a flurry of glowy holo flakes. A rustic red-orange shimmer quickly shows off shades of gold. In some angles and lighting, flickers of pink come out to play, while the base shows off more navy or purple tones.

Madly in love with this dark sparkly shade. 💜 Shown here in 2 coats and no top coat.

Tapped Out nail polish is a nod to comfort and relaxing. A dark-wash denim coloured polish, Tapped Out features a glowy pink shimmer that can sometimes show off hints of green or gold. This shade twinkles as light catches the facets of its silver reflect pigment. Worn without topcoat, a near matte finish offers a smooth and subtle texture that feels like new denim. When a flash of light catches your nails, the silver pigment shines through brighter than a billion stars. For a darker, gleaming finish to show off the shimmer, top with 1-2 coats of a quick dry topcoat.

I'm wearing this polish right now and I can tell you that it is absolutely stunning, just. Stunning! At different angles you can really see the darker green come through but in the sunlight and under LED lighting, you'll be able to really see a brilliant blue. My pictures definitely don't do it justice but if there was ever a reflective polish that shimmers a brilliant pink/purple that you just had to have, this is the one! I think reflective polishes are my new favourite go-to's 😍

Honestly looks like twinkling stars on my nails. Instant galaxy anyone?! Did I already pick a favourite though?! Can this also be a favourite?! Yea, it most definitely is!!

First 2 pictures are without flash. You can see the greens coming out all gorgeous like. 😁 I used a top coat for this swatch as it's also a reflective polish.

The rest of the pictures are with flash and oh... my... 😍😍

Ok, my pictures really don't do it justice - I'll have to take some videos and post them on my Instagram & YouTube at some point so you can see what I see. It's magical AND wonderful. 😇

Worth A Shot is a cool, faded grape-purple-leaning polish loaded with multichrome shimmer. Like a full color photo, this polish shows nearly a full spectrum of colour, with rusty orange reds morphing into gold, lime and blue in lower lighting. In bright light, hues of peach, green, and aqua pop against the medium purple base. 

I honestly will have to try these polishes in a real mani so I can figure out the rest of the colours as my lighting only allows me to see at the brightest levels but you can see from the bottles in the pictures that the colours really are gorgeous and intense. This is 3 coats and no top coat.

Shake Things Up is a nod to that entertaining steel shaker. A light, near steel pewter gray, this shifty shade is loaded with shimmer showing of a rainbow of hues. In the light, a bright green and warm gold pop, while glowing holo flakes add a touch of shine. In lower lighting and shade, a soft bronze shifts into yellow and green, while the edges play with hints of blue that deepen into a darker gray.

I wasn't sure what to expect with this shade but it definitely surprised me with the blue shimmer in the bottle. I just know that even though I couldn't capture it, it's there and it's beautiful!

A Little Cooler is a magnetic holographic nail polish topper that brings sparkle to any manicure. One coat applied when magnetized will create a 3D-like column of near linear holographic sparkle. When pulled with the magnet, a light gray, nearly transparent cast will be left. A Little Cooler is best used in one coat over darker colours for maximum sparkle.

Notes: It is recommended to use the magnet once after the first coat, rocking the magnet to get the sides of the nail, then repeat using the magnet after applying Clearly On Top. When this magnetic spreads during drying, the holo sparkle will become more pronounced.

I'm so happy to have a holo magnetic polish to now use! I have been obsessed with KB Shimmer's Love at Frost Sight, their magnetic topper, so now to have a holo version is just icing on the cake! 

I will have to play around with it more I think but you get the idea and I like it very very much.

Update excerpt from KB Shimmer on 11/18/21: While still beautifully holo, it is more of a glowy holo than the original sparkly version KBShimmer previewed on social media... as we know people were excited about the glowy version shown in swatches, we will be offering A Little Cooler at a deep discount, selling the shade AS-IS with a limit of 1 per customer. (See the full disclaimer here)

And finally, After Midnight is as flashy as any sequined dress with its micro light-catching glitter. A deep, near black charcoal colour, After Midnight twinkles as light catches the facets of its reflective pigment for a velvet-like look. Worn without topcoat, a near matte finish offers a smooth and subtle texture that feels like fabric. When a flash of light catches your nails, the silver pigment shines through brighter than a billion stars. For a darker, gleaming finish, top with 1-2 coats of a quick dry topcoat.

This one definitely looks like the perfect night sky with nothing but stars twinkling back at you. Get ready for some calm and reflective sparkle! Shown here in 2 coats and a top coat. First 2 pictures are without flash.

And the next 3 pictures are with flash.

Again my pictures does not do this polish justice but you can definitely see the silver sparkles in the bottle.

And here is the live swatch video I made from my YouTube channel:

Well... That's it for this 12 piece collection! Let me know what you think of it!

This collection will be available through Harlow & Co starting on Friday November 19th so mark your calendars!

As always, thanks so much for taking time out of your busy day to check out my little corner 😊 Feel free to leave me comments/suggestions/feedback below.


~PR Sample but all opinions are my own~


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