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Gold Micro French Manicure


Today I wanted to share with you this cute gold micro french mani. When I first saw this version, I didn't know if it would suit my nails as I thought it looked nicer on rounded nails, but I actually think it looks ok.

I'm not sure if I'd wear it again with the same colour scheme, maybe a darker base would look better, but I definitely do like the micro french regardless. 😊

Here are the polishes I used for this mani:

Base coat: Yellow Stopper
CND*: White Button Down & Glitter Sneakers
I didn't use a top coat as I had to remove the mani right after the photos but if I had kept it on, I would have used my trusty Seche Vite* top coat.

The technique was really simple; after I applied my base colour and it was fully dry, I used the gold nail polish brush with most of the polish wiped off to roll my nail under the tip of the brush. It's important to not be too heavy handed with the polish so that it doesn't create a thick line. Once you've laid down the first layer for the micro french, let it fully dry and then go in with the second coat to make the polish pop. Depending on how opaque the polish is that you're using for the french tip, you may not need extra coats.

I didn't bring the edges down and opted just to do a straight across version but you can soften the edges by bringing down the gold on either side to create a softer line. It's hard for me to tell what will look nice and what won't but that's what I love about nail polish, if you feel like it's perfect you can leave it but if you want to change it up, you just take it off and try again. 😊

Well that's all for today! 😊

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