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OPI Power of Hue Summer 2022 Collection Swatches & Live Swatch

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Orly Bejeweled Fall/Holiday 2021 Collection Swatches & Live Swatch


Today I have to share with you the Orly Bejeweled Collection. I bought this collection at Beyond Polish*

I wasn't sure if I going to get this collection so I put it as a question to my Instagram followers and over 95% of the votes said they wanted to see the swatches of this collection so here it is! 😁

Here is what Orly had to say about the collection:

Step into the spotlight as the starring role in your own life and watch shimmers inspired by glittering emeralds, topazes, and garnets sparkle on your fingertips as you envelop your everyday routine in a veil of bejeweled fantasy.

The Breathable line is:

Vegan • Cruelty-Free • Made in USA • Formulated Without Harmful Ingredients • One-Step, No Basecoat or Topcoat Required

Although I have never tried the breathable line without a base coat (I'm too scared of staining even though I don't think any Orly has ever stained meπŸ˜…), I find it an interesting thought to not need a base or top coat, both of which I use religiously everyday. Click here f you want to see my review of the brand.

I actually quite like the polishes even though 1 of them is just a creme and not a shimmer.

Ok, let's get to the pictures! Please note that all swatches are 2 coats and no top coat.

First up: Do A Beryl Roll is an emerald green shimmer. I quite like this shade of green, it's so ethereal. πŸ’š

You’re on Sapphire is a cobalt blue shimmer. This polish looks to be a really dense micro shimmer - you can see in my macro shot at the tip of my nail how sheer it is. You'll see it in my live swatches as well. It doesn't take away from the fact that this shade is just stunning with the bright blue shimmer. 😍

Alexandrite By You is a bright violet shimmer. Absolutely adore this shade although I didn't get any of the really dark purple in my shot, the shimmer was definitely the star of the show. I'm not sure if a third coat would have made a difference but I am just loving this opacity. πŸ’œ

Don't Take Me For Garnet is a rich deep berry shimmer. You guys already know I'm a fan of this shade, this pinky-redy-berry awesomeness is just so easy to wear! πŸ’—

This Took A Tourmaline is a deep fuchsia creme. At first I wasn't sure why this finish was in the collection but the shade more than makes up for it! It's just so gorgeous!

Over the Topaz is a bronze rose shimmer. This one looked so nice in the photos and definitely did not disappoint in real life. This one had the strongest other-colour shimmer and I am so here for it! 😍

And here is my live swatch video from my YouTube channel:

Well that's it for this collection! Let me know what you think about the polishes and the collection.

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