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OPI Power of Hue Summer 2022 Collection Swatches & Live Swatch

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OPI Infinite Shine Random Swatches & Live Swatch


Today I have some random OPI Infinite Shine polishes to share with you. 😊

When I first heard about this line I was a little confused as to what it was because they had a regular polish line and they had the gel line so when I delved more into it, I learned that it was their in-between line; applying and curing like regular polish but apparently lasting longer than their regular line. Especially paired with the appropriate top and base coat, neither of which I have so I can't speak to how well the combo performs. Sorry! 😅

With the price point I wasn't sure I'd ever try it but thanks to Sally's Beauty and Marshall's/Winners I was able to get some for reasonable prices so I'm sharing them here with you today. 

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Getting back to this collection of random polishes however 😊, here is what OPI had to say about this line:

..delivers continuous shine that is on-trend and easily removed – all without the use of the LED light a gel set requires. Imagine long-lasting wear without the long-term commitment – the perfect combination ... especially those of us that work in high-touch and hands-on fields (ie: nurses, teachers, busy parents, etc.)

Much like OPI’s gel formula, Infinite Shine is designed to produce ultra rich color and a chip-resistant manicure that lasts up to 11 days

OPI Infinite Shine Gloss provides a durable finish that cures to a mirror shine in natural light

I know that companies are making formulas longer-lasting, more chip-resistant and easier to apply with better coverage so for me, at least for the coverage part, this line is true for that.

Ok, let's get into the pictures!

First up, OPI by Popular Vote is a pink leaning red that is just gorgeous! Shown here in 2 coats and no top coat. Could be a 1 coater if applied appropriately.

Russian Navy is a deep indigo shimmer. Shown here in 1 coat and no top coat. The macro shot to see the shimmers up close. 👀

I'm Not Really a Waitress is a bright chianti red shimmer. Shown here with 1 coat no top coat.

The Beige of Reason is a sheer, rosy light beige. Even at 3 coats it was still a little patchy. Sad because the idea of this polish is awesome! If I were to wear this polish as a regular mani, I'd use a light beige base and then add this one on to make it look more pillowy. No top coat for my swatches of this one.

Stick it Out is a berry-rose creme. Loving this shade a lot! Shown here with 2 coats and no top coat. Another one that could be 1 coat if applied properly.

Heart and Coal is a black holographic glitter polish. The glitters dry textured so make sure to use 1-2 layers of top coat to smooth it out. Shown here in 2 coats and no top coat.

Dutch Tulips is a drop dead gorgeous bright pink-red creme. This polish is so wonderfully vibrant! 😍 Shown here with 1 coat and no top coat.

And finally, My Private Jet is a black linear holographic with holographic glitters that dry smooth. I LOVE everything about this polish. It's hard to find a true black holo but this one is pretty darn close! And the glitters just adds to the perfection of this polish for me. 😍 Shown here with 2 coats and a top coat. I wanted to see if the top coat would bring out more of the holo for photographing; not sure if it did but it is what it is. 😁

And here is the live swatch video of these beautiful shades from my YouTube channel:

Ok! Well there you have it! Let me know if you've tried this line and what your experience was like.

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