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OPI Power of Hue Summer 2022 Collection Swatches & Live Swatch

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ILNP - Manhattan Collection Swatches & Live Swatch


Today I have to share with you the Manhattan Collection by ILNP. Available now through Harlow & Co 

When I first saw the collection come through on the ILNP Instagram I felt a few different emotions. First I was amazed at how quick ILNP is getting out their collections (I feel like they come out every month! but that's probably just me 😂) and secondly, just how each collection is more beautiful than the last. I can see why ILNP is beloved by so many, including myself! 💓

I love their Ultra Holo™ line because I'm a big fan of super sparkly nails but their forumlas are so opaque and vibrant and sparkle like diamonds in the sun. 😎 I am quite taken with the shades in this collection and it provides a beautiful palette of colours to wear throughout the season.

Here is what ILNP had to say about the collection:

From jewel tones to warm and rustic, the Manhattan Collection melds together 6 Ultra Holo™ shades sure to make the perfect accessory for the season. Thoughtfully themed, the Manhattan Collection pays homage to fond memories of Autumn trips into the city.

As a blogger, I appreciate ILNP's magical descriptions of each polish so I don't have to do my bad guesses of what each polish is 😁 Anything in italics below will denote me quoting ILNP. Each swatch is 2 coats and no top coat.

Ok, let's get to the pictures!

First up is Broadway. Broadway is a saturated and sparkling wine-red Ultra Holo™ nail polish. Paint the town with Broadway, a rich and dramatic burgundy red hue that is bursting with holographic flare. In direct lighting, Broadway showcases a beautiful yet subtle red-to-gold color-shifting glimmer alongside beaming holographic splendor for a sparkle that is sure to leave you in awe.

This shade is so berry and gorgeous. Indeed like a fine wine that will age beautifully.

Skyline is an intense midnight sapphire Ultra Holo™ nail polish. Skyline is a rich, deep blue reminiscent of the city outline on the horizon. Unparalleled sparkle radiates from Skyline’s oversized holographic micro-flakes, lighting up your fingertips for an incredible finish!

In the light this shade feels lighter but here it looks like the perfect inky night sky with a million stars lighting it up. What a perfectly beautiful polish! 😍

Brownstone is a luminous warm brown Ultra Holo™ nail polish. Inspired by the classic architecture, Brownstone is a sophisticated hue perfectly paired with an intense sparkle and a subtle orange-to-gold color shifting center. Unmistakably illuminating alongside its stunning warm brown base, an array of holographic micro-flakes catch the light to give Brownstone an unrivaled contrast.

There is something about this beautiful warm brown shade that is so easy to wear and love. Must be that hint of caramel that makes it feel cozy.

Penthouse is a regal dark purple Ultra Holo™ nail polish. Pure elegance, Penthouse is a deep and rich blackened-purple with a mesmerizing sparkle! With a base hue reminiscent of the city sky from a high-rise view, Penthouse comes to life in direct light as various sizes of holographic flakes make an appearance to form a breathtaking borderline-black full of depth.

ILNP described this beautifully and it can be easily worn throughout the cool and winter months.

Uptown is a lively burnt orange Ultra Holo™ nail polish. With a warm golden glow and standout holographic sparkle, Uptown is an exceptional shade for the season! Fall into Autumn with this refined deep amber hue beautifully intensified with holographic micro-flakes woven between each golden layer.

I keep wanting to write that "this one is a favourite" but I really can't because they are all so nice!! 😂 But I must say, I do love that this is more of a bright glowy orange - like how I envisioned Cinderella's pumpkin coach to sparkle.

And finally we have Park Ave, a deep jade green Ultra Holo™ nail polish. Radiating with jewel-like shine and shimmer, the deep viridian base of Park Ave houses an incredible sparkle! Packed with an array of holographic flakes, Park Ave flaunts an endless traffic of brilliance. The stunning jewel tone base is the perfect accessory to complement your fall wardrobe!

I don't know what it is about a deep green, it just always sneaks up on me and makes me love it! I never think I'll like it but once it's on my nails, I can't help but fall.

And here is my live swatch video for this collection from my YouTube channel:

Ok! We got to the end! 😁 I don't think that was too bad. I had such a time taking all of the pictures and trying to decide which ones to show you because they all turned out so beautifully (there's no wrong way to take pictures of these amazing holos) but I couldn't just dump the ~200 pictures I had for this collection here. 😂 Let me know if you picked up this collection and if you have a favourite in the comments below.

Make sure to check out Harlow & Co if you're thinking of getting this collection! They also carry so many more nail polish brands and accessories so make sure to check out the site if you want to see what other beauties they have in store.

As always, thanks so much for taking time out of your busy day to check out my little corner 😊 Feel free to leave me comments/suggestions/feedback below.


~PR Sample but all opinions are my own~


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