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Color Club Burnt Out Line Nail Art


So these were supposed to be my Trick or Treat WNAC prompt but alas, all of the stickers I wanted to use didn't look right against the background, it either blended in too well or looked weird with the multichrome so I nixed it and here we are! 😂

I think the important thing is that I tried. I gave it a really good shot and it didn't work. But I TRIED and that's what really matters. And, I didn't give up. So I added my wonky lines and this came out! I thought they were straight, they were not. Well, they were mostly straight - yay for mostly!😁


But it's all good because this whole mani just WORKS. I discovered that Pink Diamonds by Cirque Colors makes everything better - especially multichromes! Do you see the awesomeness that is the holo and the multichrome working together so I can put in very little effort for maximum awesomeness?? Yes, I think you do 😎

I originally bought this polish without even really thinking about it, as I mostly do with my nail polishes, and was so pleasantly surprised to see the multichrome shiftiness in all it's glory. Look at the yellow/green/orange/red shift! I like it. 😁

Here is what I used:

Cirque Colors - Pink Diamonds
Color Club: Burnt Out
ILNP: Black Magic
Tools: thin line brush* & my nail polish mixing plate*

No top coat as I couldn't keep the mani on but if I was going to use one, I'd use my trusty Seche Vite* to seal everything in and give it that beautiful shine. 

Well that's it for today! Let me know in the comments what you think about this mani.

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