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What's Up Nails Freehand Nail Art


So I have these time-consuming nails to show you today 😁 BUT they were DEFINITELY worth it!!

Want to hear my tale? Sure you do 😆 

So one night I decided to do some nail art with What's Up Nail's new line of nail polishes (their Desert Monsoon Collection - see the swatches here) and I did 2 designs. Unfortunately, they were both horrible. I mean, they probably weren't horrible, but, they weren't up to my standards for sure, so I scrapped those (made a special Nail Fail folder that I will have to burn to the ground very soon 😄) and then the next night, I came up with THESE and another one which I LOVE. So, the lesson here my peoples, is that you don't give up. You let the nail fails have their moment, then you get back up and get back to it. It's the only way to live really 😁

My inspiration for these nails came from Pinterest but I messed up the design so now these are just um, these 😊

Here is what I used for this design:

Ardene - Snowfall

I didn't plan out the colours at all - I just knew I wanted to use the whole collection but I just grabbed the colours at random - must be my crazy brain that did the selection. 😇

The pattern is so satisfying no?! 😍

 Ok, that's all for me today! I hope you like the design as much as I do! 😁

Thanks so much for taking time out of your busy day to check out my little corner 😊 Feel free to leave me comments/suggestions/feedback below.


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