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WNAC Mother's Day 2021


Oh! I haven't done a sponge mani in such a long time!! It's so easy - I should do more of these - ok, I will - convinced myself. 😂

This is my contribution to the first WNAC for May 2021 - Pastel Mother's Day

For all the moms, step-moms, aunties, grandmas, sisters, sister-in-laws, friends, loves; for every strong woman who loves unconditionally and puts forth their very best - I applaud you and all that you are. You make our worlds turn and we are forever grateful. 💗

For this deigns, I used a lot of the Parisian Garden collection by Color Club (see the full swatches and live swatch here) - I just love the soft palette this collection affords. The versatility is beyond amazing. 😍

Again, same with a lot of my other designs, I used a lighter touch with a few more stippling actions rather than a heavier hand. The lighter the touch, the easier it is to control and it'll create dots rather than blobs - you'll see it once you try this technique. I'm not sure I'm explaining it correctly. 😁

Here is what I used for this design:

Color Club - Parisian Garden Collection (see swatches here)
Stickers: Amazon
Tools: sponge, tweezers

Of course I went with florals; pinks for the beauty, whites for the simplicity. 💕

I am in love with this design - the colours, flowers, just everything.

Here is the WNAC for May if you want to do the prompts too. Make sure to tag @wnac_TKC and #WNAC2021 for a chance to be featured on @wnac_TKC 😊

Not going to lie, I'm worried about the galaxy prompt - my attempt to do one recently failed horribly 😅 We'll see how it goes!

Well that's all for me today!

Thanks so much for taking time out of your busy day to check out my little corner 😊 Feel free to leave me comments/suggestions/feedback below.



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