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WNAC - French Tip Manicure & OPI Top Coat Review


Today I have another WNAC design to share with you! Well I guess it's not really a design, just a simple french manicure 😊

I don't remember the last time I wore a french manicure, but I think I shied away from it because I couldn't find the right base colour. Well, I just happen to spot OPI's Baby, Take a Vow (BTAV) at a Marshall's near me and I snapped it up thinking that it was such a pretty shade of polish. Not only was it a pretty shade, but it's the perfect french mani base! It's so sheer and perfectly tinted pink. 😍

I used 1 coat of BTAV, then used striping tape and OPI's Alpine Snow to make the white tips once the first coat was fully dry. I then topped it off with another coat of BTAV before using a top coat to finish it off. The second coat of BTAV really softened the white line and made the mani look cohesive.

Typically, for my nail art, I top it off with my favourite top coat (Seche Vite*) but this time, I thought I'd give OPI's Plumping Top Coat a try. I also picked it up at the same Marshall's trip (I do love buying nail polish there!). And since I was trying this top coat for the first time, I thought it'd be appropriate to do a review on it, so here are my thoughts on the top coat:

Pros: dried super shiny, did feel like it dried with a bit of a plump so my nails felt/looked like I had a gel top coat, dried super smooth, self leveling, covered up fine line errors (I had the polish chip off because I was being clumsy as always, so I put the chipped off piece back on and put another coat of this top coat and the it looked like it never chipped off to begin with - that's magic! 😁 Oh, I was wearing a peel off basecoat so the chip can't really be blamed on the top coat)

Cons: do not recommend for going over nail art unless you give your design some time to dry or else it will drag the design and ruin it, the brush wasn't great, it was stiff and was a bit hard to work with because of it, I felt like I had to use a thick layer because of the nail art I did have on.

Final thoughts: I actually am very happy with the purchase of the top coat. I will definitely use it again, just not for nail art manis unless they are already dry. 

Well that's all I have for today! 😊 Let me know if you love the simple and classic french manicure in the comments below and if you've ever tried this top coat.

Thanks so much for taking time out of your busy day to check out my little corner 😊 Feel free to leave me comments/suggestions/feedback below.



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