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Grainy White/Nude/Holo Gradient


Today I have a grainy gradient to share with you! 😀 I call it grainy because I used a more porous sponge and it didn't create a clean gradient but it definitely created a cool effect - at least I think so 😆

When doing gradients, here are some things I've learned:

1. You always want to start with a full coat of the base colour on your nail, that way when you are sponging on top, any gaps will already have colour from the first coat
2. Make sure your base coat is fully dry before starting your sponging or else you can lift the base polish off which will ruin the gradient
3. (optional) Add on a top coat before sponging to make sure there are no lifts when you start sponging
4. Make sure to use a clean sponge and a quick stippling motion when you are sponging
5. Stipple onto the nail moving the sponge up and down as you gently stipple to get a smooth transition (or whatever direction you are moving in as long as it's consistent)

6. I usually do 3 thin coats of the gradient sponging so that I can get that smooth transition and with the thin coats it will dry quickly so by the time I get back to the nail for the next coat, it's dry and ready for more sponging 😀
7. Use a thin brush dipped in acetone to do your cleanup
8. The more porous the sponge, the more "grainy" and less smooth looking your transition will be (a makeup sponge has tiny pores and I use them for my smoothest transitions - I just get them from the dollar store 😊)
9. Use polishes with similar finishes to get the most seamless transitions - if one polish is a flakie and the other is a straight creme, the transition might be too hard - but I guess I can try it one day and let you know how it turns out! 😃

Well, this was my first gradient in over 5 years so I think I did a pretty good job 😅. I hope that my tips above are helpful! Please tag me on Instagram (@missbellatracey) if you try gradients and you thought my tips were useful.

I absolutely LOVE this gradient combination, white/nude/holo glitters 😍

Here's what I used for this design:

White Polish: OPI - Alpine Snow
Nude Polish: Orly - Manuka Me Crazy
Glitter Topper: China Galze - Fairy Dust
Top Coat: SuperChic Laquer - Marvel Liquid Macro

Alrighty, that's enough words for today 😂

Thanks so much for taking time out of your busy day to check out my little corner 😊 Feel free to leave me comments/suggestions/feedback below.



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