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Essie Retro Revival Swatches/Review

Retro Revival - Essie
Who's ready for some Essie Retro Revival swatches? I bought this collection and have had it for a while now but life has been super hectic/busy and finding time to do my nails has been a challenge but here it is! The retro collection that Essie released earlier this year/end of last year :)

In true Essie form, there were 6 shades that were re-released. I never had these polishes as my nail polish obsession started more recently, but I have heard that Starry Starry Night is very different than the original.

Let's get to the pictures!

First up is Life of the Party: a pretty burnt pearly red (yea - I think it's a real description ;)) that's shown here in two coats and a top coat.

Cabana Boy: a pearly grey-ish white - shown here with 3 coats and a top coat

Bikini with a Martini: a frosted iridescent pink - shown here in 3 coats and a top coat

Sequin Sash: a glittery sheer bronze with silver glitters - shown here in 3 coats and a top coat

Birthday Suit: sheer nude - shown here in 3 coats and a top coat
This one I found really streaky...even at 3 coats.... :(

Starry Starry Night: a deep blue jelly with silver glitters - shown here with 3 coats and a top coat
This one was pretty thick and a bit tricky to work with... just add some thinner maybe and it might be better. I was expecting more shimmer or something, but I'm not sure it lived up to the hype - at least not for me. I think it's pretty enough though.

So there you have it! The Essie Retro Collection! I hope you liked the swatches :) Which one is your favourite and how did you react when you found out about Starry Starry Night not having the same luster as the original? Let me know in the comments below! :)

Thanks so much for taking time out of your busy day to check out my little corner :) Feel free to leave me comments/suggestions/feedback below.


Top Coat: Super Chic Lacquer - Marvel Liquid Macro


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