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Gradient Hand Painted Hearts Nail Art

This gradient is pretty fantastic :D
Sometimes I get into a gradient mood and it's all I do, mostly they don't work, but other times they work and the colours and design just come together, like this one!

Do you ever look at a picture of your nails from months ago and think, who's nails are those?? lol - that's how I'm feeling right now with this design. It's been sitting in my "to write and post" queue forever and since I've been so busy getting other posts up, this one has just fallen on the way side and now looking at my nails, I feel like they are someone else's nails. I'm so odd lol That and they are so long here - that must be why. :)

Getting to the gradient, I love the colours together. I like it when I get a collection of similar finishes, the gradients always seem like they belong together. I used some of the polishes from the High Voltage Collection by Super Chic Lacquer to create the gradient. The holo is so nice and paired with the hand drawn design nicely.

I started off thinking that I'd do a baroque/damask design, but then I just did a half design since I didn't know if I could commit to the full design. lol

So sparkly!

The hearts were a happy accident, but once I had them on I just carried it through to the other nails.

I think the final effect is so sweet :)

And that's it for me today! :)

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Thanks so much for taking time out of your busy day to check out my little corner :) Feel free to leave me comments/suggestions/feedback below.



  1. Your nails look so beautiful! You are right these colors are made for each other. Please share how you achieved this gradient nail look on the blog.

  2. I have a post going up tomorrow with my tips on how I do my gradients - stay tuned! :)


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