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WNAC - Purple Holo Mix N Match Nail Art

Simple purple holo mix n match for #WNAC2015
It's about 3 am here and I could not sleep, so why not work on my WNAC post for the 3rd week of September? I can't believe fall is almost here in Canada and although I'm not a fan of the season after fall, I do love fall itself. The changing of the leaves, the cooler temperatures, the sweather weather, and just nature's beauty all around. I'm kind of a fall baby :)

This week's prompt is mix n match and mine ended up looking like an Indian dress fabric/design and that's ok because I've always loved the beautiful colours and intricacies of these dresses. :)

I decided to do some colour block negative space holos with some dotted glitter placements - all very simple and quick to do.

I'm not sure how I feel about mix n match nails so I've shied away from it in the past but I've seen some beautiful mix n match nails from other nail artists that I absolutely love so I'm sure I just need to come up with a design that I truly love to fully appreciate the mix n match technique.

I based my design on the purple holo that is Eternal Beauty by Color Club - I just recently bought some Color Club holos that I've always wanted but never bought and this is one of them. I will have to do some proper swatches one of these days so I can show you guys why Color Club holo's are amazingly superior to any brand I've ever tried. Their linear holos are super intense and wonderfully opaque - what's not to love?

Well that's all I have for today! I hope you like my design :)

Thanks so much for taking time out of your busy day to check out my little corner :) Feel free to leave me comments/suggestions/feedback below.


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