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WNAC Plaid Quadruplet Nails

It's Friday and it's WNAC time!
My WNAC baby turns one on October 1st and to celebrate, we (co-hosts Kristin, Cristine, and I) hosted a small contest with our participants and the winner got a $25 gift card to use at Live.Love.Polish and as well, they got to do a quadruplet-nails with the 3 of us. It was the first contest like this I had ever run and it was so cool to see and read all the nice comments from those who wanted to win and do the nails with us.

The winner ended up being Kit of @kitoffkilter from Instagram and she was so sweet and patient with us. Thanks so much Kit!!

We decided to use the last prompt in September (plaid) as our design and in keeping with the jewel tones, we used shades of blue, green, burgandy, white and gold. What I love the most is that we all did our own interpretation of the design using the colour parameters and each one turned out beautiful and unique.

Clockwise starting at top left: Kit, Kristin, mine, Cristine

I always love doing triplet nails with my co-hosts but this was extra fun since we got to include one of our WNAC participants. I truly love our WNAC and am amazed every week at all the participants and all of the gorgeous designs that everyone comes up with.

For mine, I used Love by Ella + Milla as my white base, 3 Powder Perfect shades for the stripes, and gold striping tape. I hand drew all the lines that weren't the gold striping tape. Took a lot longer than I had anticipated but I really love the result. I wanted to do a white background so the colours would pop and I think the colours definitely popped!

My lighting was odd as I moved my camera closer to my hand but oh well :)

And that's all for today! I hope you like the design! This is actually my first plaid design EVER and I think I did alright :)

I will have to try this again one day with different colours just for fun. 

Thanks so much for taking time out of your busy day to check out my little corner :) Feel free to leave me comments/suggestions/feedback below.


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  1. I've been wondering for a while what WNAC means

    1. Weekly Nail Art Challenge - something that my 2 friends and I run on Instagram :) Check out @wnac_tkc for our feature page that I run, and #wnac2014 and #wnac2015 for nail art done with our challenges :)


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