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Edgy Polish - Swatches of Crows Toes and Darling Diva

So much holo!
When Katarina from Edgy Polish started contacting me to use some of my pictures on her site, I never knew it would turn out that she would actually want to send me polishes to swatch. I had requested holo polishes and she did not disappoint! She sent me 8 altogether which were 3 brands I had never tried before. Here I have the first 4, and I'm so glad she sent them. Both Darling Diva and Crows Toes had beautiful formulas and gorgeous holo to boot!

Let's start with the Darling Diva polishes first.

Malum: 'a mauve brown linear holo with gold flakies'
The holo is amazing in this dark base - and the gold flakies are so pretty!

2 coats and a top coat

Dark Ritual: 'a deep blackened evergreen linear holo'
The linear holo of different greens are breathtaking in real life, just too gorgeous.


2 coats and a top coat

And the 2 Crows Toes

Midgard: 'a nude holo with a subtle green shimmer'

2 coats and a top coat

And finally is Edgy Red: 'a deep magenta red holographic nail polish'
This polish was made for Edgy Polish and is only sold through Edgy Polish's site; it's magnificent!

Rainbow yes!!

2 coats and a top coat

I am so in love with all of these polishes - thank you so much Katarina!

For anyone outside of the EU, prices are 20% lower since it's taxfree and shipping is pretty standard starting at $7.50 CAD and $5.75 USD so make sure you check out Katarina's shop. She carries tons of indies and all kinds of nail related items as well (including some stunning rhinestones that I will be showing you later ;)). She's also just an absolute sweetheart! <3

Thanks so much for taking time out of your busy day to check out my little corner :) Feel free to leave me comments/suggestions/feedback below.


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