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Color4Nails Exclusice CupCake Duo - Swatches/Review

I am absolutely in love with these polishes - in LOVE!

Sisi from Color4Nails had sent me their exclusive duo by CupCake Polishes and the minute I opened the package I knew I would love them. I never owned any CupCake Polishes before so I was really excited to try them and they were beyond gorgeous. Similar to Orly's Mirrorball, both polishes have a strong linear holo and tons of holo micro glitters that are super smooth on the nail.

One of my most coveted polishes is Mirrorball and I'm so glad to see more people coming out with the same type of polishes in different shades. I love them so much, I just don't know what else to say, so let's get to the swatches! Warning! Lots of pictures ahead! :D

First up is Araminta - shown here with 2 coats and a top coat
I can't get over how strong the holo is on this one - the prism of colours is just stunning - get ready to do absolutely nothing else if you are wearing this polish - the distraction is real! lol :)

Umm... what are words....? So PRETTY!!

I. Can't. Even.

And second in the Color4Nail exclusive duo is Koralie - shown here with 2 coats and a top coat
One of my all time favourite pinks <3


!! Love!!

Honestly guys, these two polishes are what dreams are made of; perfect formulas, perfect shades, so much holo, and the glitters are stunning. I have worn both of these polishes to work and even in mundane lighting they are just super beautiful. The compliments just kept rolling in. Most of the comments were just people with their mouths open at how holo and glittery they were lol! I love those kinds of reactions the most :D

These are only available through Color4Nails so make sure you guys check them out for this duo and tons of other indies and nail polish brands.

Thanks so much for taking time out of your busy day to check out my little corner :) Feel free to leave me comments/suggestions/feedback below.


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