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WNAC - Geometric Gradient

Yay Friday! WNAC time! I like this :D

I'm loving this month's WNAC gradient theme so much! Which is so weird, because there was a long time where gradients and I were just not friendly - we just weren't. :( But now we are and all is right with the world. :D (It's so late and I shouldn't be doing this blog post right now but I am, yay!)

I feel like this gradient is one of the best ones I've ever done - and it's all thanks to the fact that I've been practicing - a LOT. You really can't get better just by watching videos - just use a clean makeup sponge, and practice - you'll have pretty gradients too!

Why I only did 3 bottle shots of this gradient is beyond me but I really like this pic!
I always forget to take a picture but I did use my trusty liquid latex to make clean up easy because let's face it - most of  us don't do gradients because it's just a massive mess to clean up - am I right? I can't even without my liquid latex - it's just way too much work otherwise. I. Can't. Even. (See, I told you it was late :D)

I'm a holo-addict - it's quite true.
So since I can't really draw and decided that I had no patience to try and do a geometric drawing, I decided to do some geometric GP! YES! And I kind of really love this GP - it's just so pretty! I found a picture online to inspire me and then did something completely and utterly different. Do you find you do that as well? I clearly just wasn't feelin' it lol

The 3 bottles again... I'm crazy ;)
I really thought that shot was cool, even if you can't really see the design. :D

Can you see the glitters? Hopefully!
Yes, these took a little while, not too long, but long enough for me to line up the glitters all nice like. I usually use a toothpick but I realized that you can get a pretty nice point on a wax pencil and that works super well for picking up the glitters. I bought mine on ebay somewhere - you can get them anywhere that sells artsy things :) Super helpful if you like doing GP like I do.

Purple: Cirque Colors - Concord
Pink: Cirque Colors - Framboise
Green: Cirque Colors - La Tropicale
Liquid Latex: Color4Nails - Crystalline Nail Veil

I like these a lot so I hope you do too! :D

Thanks so much for taking time out of your busy day to check out my little corner :) Feel free to leave me comments/suggestions/feedback below.


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