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OPI Power of Hue Summer 2022 Collection Swatches & Live Swatch

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Vice Collection by Cirque Colours

Ready for Cirque Colors' newest collection? :)

I had recently got the opportunity to swatch for Cirque Colors on one of the last collections - Juicy (link to full post here) and I was super excited when Annie reached out to me again to try out their newest collection which is releasing on July 9th (pre-order going on right now!) - make sure to follow Cirque Colors for all of the details and lots more swatches. :)

This collection is their Vice collection and consists of 5 bright cremes and 1 holo topper. Of course I adore all of the Cirque Color holos because they always end up being strong and soft at the same time, if you can imagine what I mean lol

This collection however is so super bright that you will definitely need some sunglasses to wear some of the shades and they are so perfect for summer it's kind of ridiculously awesome.

Each polish had quite a lovely formula, took 1 thin coat and one thick coat for each of my swatches and I did top it off with a top coat before taking the shots. I also used one coat of the holo topper (We Trippy) over each creme so you could see how transformative the holo topper actually is for any base colour.

Let's get to the pictures! Did I mention, there are A LOT of pictures? :D (I don't think you expect anything else from me when it comes to swatches haha)

First up is C.R.E.A.M.: 'a neon pastel lime creme'
This baby is SUPER BRIGHT :D

So bright in fact that my camera even had a hard time capturing it on my nail, it's a little more green than my pictures show.

These next swatches are with the We Trippy topper

Next is Lean: 'an ultra violet creme'

These next swatches are with the We Trippy topper


Vitamin D is next: 'a neon peach creme'
Another bright beauty!

These next swatches are with the We Trippy topper

Nympho: 'a neon fuchsia creme'
LOVE this one so much - and it's super bright too! How fun!

These next swatches are with the We Trippy topper

And finally is Miami-Dade: 'a sizzling cyan blue creme'
Such. A. Gorgeous. Shade. <3

I could get lost staring at this colour

These next swatches are with the We Trippy topper

Bottle shot of  We Trippy - holo topper
I didn't do a solo shot of the topper but I hope you can see how it can enhance any creme based polish - or any polish really. :D 

I always get a bit skeptical with neon cremes but doing the 1 thin coat and then a thick coat worked beautifully. I am so impressed with the shades - I did not have to use a white undie at all. :O It was all just nail polish and that's how bright they were!

I am sad to see that this is only a limited edition collection so make sure you guys pick these up! They are so nice and the saturation in the colours do not disappoint at all. And of course don't forget the topper because what's a life without holo?? A not-too-sparkly one - that's for sure! :P

Ok that's a lot of words for me so I'll stop now :)

Thanks so much for taking time out of your busy day to check out my little corner :) Feel free to leave me comments/suggestions/feedback below.


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