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My Voice Is a Little Norse - By OPI

This glittery little number!

I rarely find really awesome nail polishes to swatch from a main stream brand but oh MAN, I really like this one from OPI called My Voice Is a Little Norse. It was the holo - it was calling to me and I just HAD TO HAVE IT!

Speaking as an NPA (nail polish addict) who loves (loves, loves) holo, I couldn't actually pass this up when I saw it. I know, I literally have no self control, it's pretty awesome. lol!

Blurred bottle shot
The holo dots are so epic!

What nails?? All I see are the blurred holos in the bottle

That macro though!

Can you see the sparkles though? Because that's all that really matters :D

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  1. That really is gorgeous! Just discovered your wonderful blog! Do you have any tutorials on manicures? Yours is so perfect! Warmest wishes from England - Glenda

  2. Thank you so much Glenda! I will look into doing tutorials but I currently do not offer them right now. :) Thank you so much for your sweet comment. :D


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