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OPI The Celebration Collection - Holiday 2021 Swatches & Live Swatch

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Pink Holo Stripe on Red

So simple but so pretty!

I actually wasn't going to post this, it was just a holo-testing mani but I ended up loving it so much that I'm posting it :)

I was trying to figure out how to take better holo shots so that's why the line in the middle is so massive, but now I'm just happy to look at the combination of colours and sparkles.

I added this shot in because of the bottle <3

Pink Holo: FormulaX - Fine Like Einstein

The stripe was free-handed with just the polish brush - if you don't look too closely, it looks pretty straight :D

So much sparkles!
I hope you like it!

Thanks so much for taking time out of your busy day to check out my little corner :) Feel free to leave me comments/suggestions/feedback below.


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