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Micro Glitters by Renaissance Cosmetics

I kind of really love collages - especially collages full of exceptionally gorgeous nail polish!

I honestly don't have any idea how Meghan from Renaissance Cosmetics does it - she has these super powers that allows her to mix the most beautiful combinations of glitters and the nail polish world will forever be grateful :D

I have for you today, her latest collection being released on June 7th - 5 stunning micro glitters that distract you all day - trust me! The glitters are so dense that it only took me two coats to get them opaque enough to take these pictures - that's kind of pretty amazing if you ask me - it's probably why I love them so much - aside from the drop dead gorgeousness of them all in general. :)

Let's get to the pictures!

Invidia: 'an emerald and lime green micro glitter with accents of gold and a holo shimmer'

So fresh!

2 coats and a top coat
Selene: 'a sky blue glitter with accents of rose and lavender and a holo shimmer'

Love this shade!!

You can see some of that lavender <3
Aura: a lilac micro glitter with a gold and holo shimmer

A soft yet breathtaking shade

Gaia: 'an aqua/teal blue micro glitter with multichrome flakies and a holo shimmer'

How can you not love this polish, how?! lol

Omg - this polish!! <3!
Aphrodite: a pink shimmery purple micro glitter with multichrome flakies and a holo shimmer
(It's hard to describe but oh sooo beautiful!)

Adore this polish - so much going on!

I remember seeing Meghan's sneak peek of this collection on her Instagram and knew that they were going to be exceptional - but I didn't realize how gorgeous they would be in person. Seeing pictures is one thing but seeing these polishes in real life is truly something else. The sparkly in all 5 is just so awesome - they will definitely be one of my go to collections when I want something super sparkly that I don't have to dress up.

Make sure to set your alarms for this micro glitter collection by Renaissance Cosmetics! You will definitely NOT be disappointed! Coverage in 2 coats is just too awesome for words - too awesome! :D


Thanks so much for taking time out of your busy day to check out my little corner :) Feel free to leave me comments/suggestions/feedback below.


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  1. Oh those colours are just delicious! Selene and Gaia especially ... but then Aphrodite is gorgeous as well and ... oh alright I like them all! Beautiful photos as usual and the collage is lovely ... I do like a good collage. :)

    1. Thank you! The polishes are so much better and more vibrant in person - but the collection is quite lovely :)


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