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A England - Rosetti's Goddess Collection

This brand! This collection! So much to love!

When Katie from Harlow And Co contacted me to swatch some A England polishes, I was not expecting this gorgeous collection. I was so excited to unwrap it and try them immediately! A England has always been one of those brands that I completely and utterly adored. The forumlas are amazing, the bottles are beautiful, and the shades are always so stunning.

I remembered seeing some swatches on Instagram for this collection and fell head over heels for Captive Goddess - the soft grey paired with an amazing rainbow holo - what's not to love?! But you can never truly appreciate a polish until you have it in hand and on the nail. :)

Brace yourselves, I took a whole lot of pictures - I didn't know how to stop :D

First up is Incense Burner: a complicated browned purple with a gold/green shimmer; almost black in normal lighting

This was the hardest for me to capture but the bottle shot shows you all the colours you can see in different lighting situations

You can see the blues at the edges

2 coats and a top coat

1 coat would be good if applied correctly
Next up is Proserpine: a gorgeous blue leaning dark teal with a stunning holo shimmer

So in love with all the colours in this bottle

2 coats and no top coat

Captive Goddess: a beautiful soft grey with a shimmering holo effect

This polish looks good at every angle - just a rainbow of colours

2 coats - no top coat
And finally, my surprise favourite, Jane Morris: a muted grey with a gorgeous rainbow holo that shimmers purple and blue

Although the shimmer was hard to capture, the subtle effect on the nail was a nice surprise.

Yes - two bottle shots :D

2 coats and no top coat

You can see the shimmers in this macro - so pretty!

Loving the green in this shot!
All of the holo polishes are one coaters - I just decided to use 2 for my pictures, but when I wear them to work (yes, I definitely wear these to work lol) I use only one coat because that's all that's really needed. The only 2 coater one I would say is Incense Burner, but if you're more skilled than I am, I'm sure one coat would be good enough.

I'm so happy I had the opportunity to swatch these and now OWN THEM FOREVER! (Thanks so much Katie!) :D

Honestly though, I've never met an A Englad polish that I didn't fall in love with - it's truly a gorgeous brand :) I must get me some more A Englands ASAP but this isn't a collection you'd want to miss ;)

You can pick up this collection at Harlow And Co's website - available now!

Thanks so much for taking time out of your busy day to check out my little corner :) Feel free to leave me comments/suggestions/feedback below.


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