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SV by Sparkly Vernis - Palm Trees At Night (Spring 2015 Collection)

I think I have a holo addiction - and I'm completely fine with that :)

I have for you today, the SV by Sparkly Vernis Palm Trees At Night 2015 Spring Collection full of holoy goodness!

I think linear holos is one of my favourite types of polishes, the more holo, the better. I have a weak spot for linear holos - whenever I have to choose just a polish to wear on the go, I always reach for a linear holo. Not only are the colours super fabulous in this collection, but there is a flakie, 2 softer linears and 2 stronger linears. The formulas are quite nice too, opaque in just 2 easy coats for most.

Let's get to the pictures! :)

First up is La Petite Coquille or The Little Seashell: ' a multicolored flakies topper in a clear base'
I loved that I was able to capture the purple and blues in some of my shots.

So flakkiieee :D

Next up is E. huxleyi Bloom: a 'creamy, blue-green holographic that leans cyan and teal'
I love this softer green - and the linear holo is more intense in real life.

Loving the colours in this one

My favourite shot of this polish - I have no idea why :)
Next up is Coral Reef: 'a warm, medium-to-dark pink holographic with a hint of coral'

Breeze and Wave Sounds: 'a dark, cyan blue holographic with blue shimmer'
Such a STUNNING polish - one of my favourite dark blues I own - and the holo is just pure magic :D

So... many... colours! :O
And lastly is Pink Starfish: ' a cool-toned, medium pink holographic with purple shimmer'
I love this polish - the colour, the easy application, the holo - just gorgeous! The only thing that could be an issue is because the pigment is so dark, that it may cause staining, so please keep that in mind.


Extra pictures because it's just so beautiful!
I have no words left - all such stunning colours and finishes! :D 

Thanks so much for taking time out of your busy day to check out my little corner :) Feel free to leave me comments/suggestions/feedback below.


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