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Renaissance Cosmetics 2015 Spring Collection

A gorgeous spring collection of 8 polishes from Renaissance Cosmetics to share with you today!
Mark your calendars for April 12th at Noon EST
Glitters, and crellies, and holos - oh my! :D
So the always lovely Meghan, who owns Renaissance Cosmetics, sent along her stunning 2015 Spring Collection for me to swatch and like her signature style, her polishes are always packed with shimmers, or glitters, or holo, or flakies, or some combination of these and they always turn out beautifully. I have had the pleasure of working with Meghan for a while now and she's super patient (being a blogger herself) and put quality into her work. She's such a sweetheart and I love having the opportunity to work with her and the opportunity to show you guys these gorgeous polishes. :)

Ok! Let's get to the pictures! :D

First up is Spring Found Me: an off-white crelly with multicoloured glitters and gold micro glitter. 

Spring Found Me Bottle Shot

Spring Found Me Nail Macro

Spring Found Me Macro

2 coats and top coat
Next is Earliest Spring: a pale blue, pink shimmer, with multichrome flakies, and a subtle scattered holo

Earliest Spring Bottle Shot
Earliest Spring Nail Macro

Earliest Spring Macro - low lighting to see the holo better

2 coats and a top coat - this blue is so gorgeous
Next is Winter Sleeps: a white crelly with different sized blue and turquoise glitters and gold micro glitters

Winter Sleeps Bottle Shot

Winter Sleeps Nail Macro

Winter Sleeps Macro

2 coats and a top coat
Tiny Petals Everywhere is next: a white shimmery crelly filled with pink, purple, and turquoise micro glitters

Tiny Petals Everywhere Bottle Shot

Tiny Petals Everywhere Nail Macro

Tiny Petals Everywhere Macro

2 coats and a top coat
A World of Blossoms is a beautiful pink polish with a soft purple shimmer combined with multichrome flakies and a subtle scattered holo

A World of Blossoms Bottle Shot

A World of Blossoms Nail Macro

A World of Blossoms Macro

2 coats and a top coat
Flora is a glitter topper filled with hex and sqaure matte glitters, blue shimmer, and multichrome flakies

Flora Bottle Shot

Flora Nail Macro

Flora Macro

1 coat over a mint polish and a top coat; some glitter placement
Up next is Petals & Things: a dense gold, multichrome, and lavender flakie topper

Petals & Things Bottle Shot

Petals & Things Nail Macro

Petals & Things Macro

3 coats and a top coat
And finally, Daybreak: a gold and white glitter topper with a smattering of multichrome flakies and holo glitters

Daybreak Bottle Shot

Daybreak Nail Macro

Daybreak Macro

1 dabbed coat over black and top coat
Whew!! We made it! :D I love these massive collections where the pictures just go on forever and ever - am I the only one!? Probably not ;)

Well that's all I have for you guys today! Make sure you check out Renaissance Cosmetics on April 12th at Noon EST for the launch!


Thanks so much for taking time out of your busy day to check out my little corner :) Feel free to leave me comments/suggestions/feedback below.


Top Coat: Super Chic Lacquer - Marvel Liquid Macro
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  1. This is a great collection! My favourite is Tiny Petals :)

    1. Meghan always does such unique and beautiful polishes - I think Tiny Petals is a favourite among many people - it's a pretty combination of colours - super spring appropriate! :)


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