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Twinnails for WNAC - Reciprocal Gradient

My first post EVER! This is exciting! :D

I'm not sure what people usually write in their first post but I'll just get right into it! 

So Kristin (from - 1/3 host of our awesome WNAC challenges - agreed to do (yes, ANOTHER lol) twinnails with me just so we could use Crown of Thistles by A England and she could try her first (ever! :O) reciprocal gradient. It took many a tries on a Saturday afternoon trying to find a suitable combination (mostly I just agreed with every combination as Kristin suggested them cause she's the mastermind in this whole artistry business :D) and then finally coming up with some workable ideas. It's always a lot of fun to work with Kristin because 1. she's SUPER talented (scary!!) 2. she's got some inate inner rainbow brain that just knows colours that work together and 3. her mind is full of beautiful and wonderful designs that I could only ever dream of thinking up! :)

Ok! Now onto our design! This is what I used to achieve it. Love this design SO MUCH by the way - in case you wanted to know :) 
(Not pictured is the Crystalline Nail Veil by Color4Nails - the liquid latex I used around my nails so I could have an easy clean-up after my gradeint-ing. I didn't have to change the latex in between layers, I just kept the same layer on until I was fully finished the design - it stayed on THAT well! Awesome! :O)

This week's prompt was reciprocal under the holo theme - so we had decided on using Crown of Thistles (the gorgeous purple) gradiented (yes, that's a word now, red squiggly be damned! lol) with a silver holo - here I used Icy You Staring by Blisspolish. We decided to use a darker base to help bring out the colours, I went with Fated Prince - also by A England, and then a full accent of Crown of Thistles because I just wanted to stare at my nail (ok, nails) all day :D

Solo shot!

(What do people write here? Uh, another angle..? :))

Close up time! Oooo...

Crown of Thistle on accent nail is soooo stunning!

Ok that's all I got for today! 

Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to visit my little corner :) Leave me comments/questions/suggestions down below! :)



    LOL at "what do people write here?" I usually just blab on to myself between photos cause I assume anyone only ever reads maybe half the intro paragraph and then whatever you write at the very end. HAHA

    1. Blog birth - lol! Only you would come up with something like that - but thanks! And I'll have to be more witty in between pics for sure. We should be allowed to use emojis. Boo.

  2. That's a great nail design :) How did you do that with these striping tapes? Great work, need to try that asap :)

    1. Thank you! :) You would want to do the wider middle gradient first, top coat and make sure it's completely dry, and then go in and do the smaller gradient within the larger one. Hopefully that makes sense - but if you visit my friend's blog ( she has the video on there to show you how we did it. :)


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