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The Mega Holo Spring Collection by Exotic Lacquers

Are you ready for this holo-tastic collection?! :O

Today I have the beautiful Mega Holo Spring Collection by Exotic Lacquer to share with you. I was so happy when Natalie asked me to swatch these beauties, I almost fell out of my chair when they finally arrived and I opened them up. I'm a huge sucker for holos as you all may know ;)

Each polish requires between 2-3 coats for opaque awesomeness! :D Formulas are beautiful, brush is flat, colours are stunning and Natalie is a sweetheart! Such a great combination for an indie polish company! :)

Alright! That's enough words, let's get into the pictures! (That's what I'm here for - you too?! :D)

First up is Brazilian Holoday: a bright yellow linear holo that is opaque in 3 coats

Brazilian Holoday Bottle Shot

So sunny!

Didn't even make my skin an odd colour; Win!:)

Next up is Alien Mist: a fresh green linear holo opaque in 3 coats

Alien Mist Bottle Shot

Pretty sparkles! :)

I'm really loving this calming shade - j'adore!

Bragging Rights: a gorgeous saturated pink linear holo which is opaque in 2 coats

Bragging Rights Bottle Shot

This colour is perfection no?! :)

The holo is massively gorgeous in real life - massively

Next is Indigo Princess: a beautiful blue with a stunning linear holo; opaque in 2 coats

Indigo Princess Bottle Shot

It's more of an iced blue to me

Soo gorgeous!

One of my favorites from this collection is Baditude: a magnificent purple linear holo that's opaque in 2 coats

Baditude Bottle Shot

I think I'm in love. #Truth

This is such a breathtaking shade!! The holo is just an added bonus. LOVE.

And last but not least is Fogbound: a stunning black linear holo opaque in 2 coats

Fogbound Bottle Shot

Everything so right is in this polish

The holo is super intense in this one - so perfect

Yes I'm posting ANOTHER picture because it's THAT awesome. I literally took a billion :P

OK! Oh my gosh! The holo awesomness is REAL and it is FANTASTIC! You guys have to check out this collection by Exotic Lacquer! :)


I thoroughly enjoyed swatching these and sharing them with you!

Thanks for taking time out of your busy day to check out my little corner :) Feel free to leave me comments/suggestions/feedback below.



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