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The Garden Party Collection by Fair Maiden Polish

Hi guys!

Time for a whole lot of words and a whole lot of pictures! Sarah and Adrienne are the masterminds behind this awesome indie polish brand called Fair Maiden Polish and they sent me their amazing Garden Party Collection so I could share them with you!

This collection is SUPER gorgeous!

 This is actually the second batch of polishes that the two ladies have sent me and I was floored by how smooth and buttery their formulas were - quality that I didn't expect to be there - at least, not in a brand new indie brand. I was pleasantly surprised to say the least and I've been hooked ever since! :) I loved that each polish had its own unique personality and was anything but dull. Whether it was linear holos, flakies, glitters, shimmers, or a mixture of these, the polishes were always stunning and such fun to wear!

Ok, time to get into this stunning Garden Party Collection! :)

First off, we have the cremes, starting with Evening Primrose: a pale yellow creme with blue shimmer

Evening Primrose Bottle Shot

A gorgeous yellow - I'm sorry I couldn't capture the blue shimmer :(

Shown with 3 coats and a top coat

Next is Blue Moon Wisteria: a medium blurple creme with violet shimmer

Blue Moon Wisteria Bottle Shot

3 coats and a top coat

So blue! Too bad the violet shimmer was super hard to capture - you can see it gorgeously in real life though!

Neptune Rose is up next: a bright orchid creme with turquoise and violet sparkle

Neptune Rose Bottle Shot

The pink is so divine!

3 coats and a top coat

Next is Sweet Honeysuckle: a soft peachy creme with a golden shimmer and violet/red sparkle

Sweet Honeysucke Bottle Shot

3 coats and a top coat

The gold shimmer is stunning and the violet/red sparkle adds another dimension to this already gorgeous shade

Next up we have the holos: I am a massive fan of holos; linear, scattered, glitters OH MY! :D

Green Goddess is up first: a light green linear holo with a soft golden shimmer

Green Goddess Bottle Shot

3 coats and a top coat

This reminds me of new leaves in bloom - such a breath of fresh air!

Next is Mint Succulent: a soft seafoam green-blue with a linear holo, a strong violet/orange flash, and a subtle sparkle

Mint Succulent Bottle Shot

Loving this pale green - LOVE!

Shown here in 3 coats and a top coat

Stargazer is next: a medium pink/red soft linear holo with a green shimmer

Stargazer Bottle Shot

3 coats and a top coat

It's the type of shade that anyone can wear - it's a staple for all collections - just beautiful!

Maiden's Blush: a light purple linear holo with violet/red sparkle

Maiden's Blush Bottle Shot

3 coats and a top coat

Another polish I absolutely adore - holo, soft, girly - j'adore!

And last but not least is their limited edition Gilded Garden: described on their website as: "a strikingly vintage gold metallic polish with light blue shimmer undertones, rose gold sparkle flecks and a linear holo finish"

Gilded Garden Bottle Shot

2 coats and a top coat

Macro action! Look at that rainbow of colours! <3

These are available for purchase through Fair Maiden Polish - you definitely don't want to miss this collection if you can help it!

I thoroughly enjoyed swatching these and sharing them with you!

Thanks for taking time out of your busy day to check out my little corner :) Feel free to leave me comments/suggestions/feedback below.



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